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Mr. Liu, a citizen, questioned his new anti-theft door: "when installing, he felt that the door was very light, and he thought that the steel plate was too thin. Could such a door guard against theft?" In this regard, the author interviewed Xue Tao, an inspector of the national building materials inspection center (Nanjing), to give advice to consumers

Mr. Liu, a citizen, questioned his newly bought security door: “ When installing, I think the door is very light. I think the steel plate is too thin. Can such a door guard against theft& rdquo; In this regard, the author interviewed Xue Tao, an inspector of the national building materials inspection center (Nanjing), to give advice to consumers

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buy security door a priori “ Identity &rdquo

to check whether a door is an anti-theft door or an ordinary metal door, you need to check three identification marks first. First, qualification certificates. The real anti-theft door must pass the inspection by the legal inspection institution according to the standard, and have the production permit of safety technology prevention products issued by the safety technology Prevention Department of the provincial public security department (bureau) where the production enterprise is located. Therefore, when buying, consumers should first ask the seller to show the inspection report of relevant departments. The second is “ FAM” Nameplate. The current "general technical conditions for anti-theft safety doors" stipulates that anti-theft doors must have “ FAM” The nameplate is usually on the top right of the door. In addition, it should also contain the name of the enterprise, executive standards, etc. Third, the security level mark. According to the national standard implemented since April 1st, 2008, the security door is divided into four security levels (code “ J, y, B, d”) according to the four indicators of anti-damage time, steel plate thickness, locking points, etc Among them, class A has the highest anti-theft performance and class D is the lowest. Citizens can check the permanently fixed safety level at the upper corner of the inner hinge of the door. Without these marks, it is not a real security door

According to Xue Tao, the main differences between the four security levels of anti-theft door a, B, C and D are the anti damage time and the thickness of steel plate. Vandalism time class a ≥ 30 minutes, class B ≥ 15 minutes, grade C ≥ 10 minutes, grade D ≥ 6 minutes; In terms of steel plate thickness, class A is generally based on the contract agreement, class B is 2mm, class C is 1.8mm, and class D is 1.5mm. Class B and class C security doors are generally suitable for ordinary families. Consumers can choose according to their own needs. Don't blindly believe in grades

examination “ Birth and worth &rdquo

citizens should also check the relevant processes. Xue Tao said that they mainly focus on two aspects: first, the locks are firm: qualified anti-theft doors generally use three-dimensional locks or five dimensional locks. Not only the door locks are locked, but the upper and lower crossbars can be inserted and locked to fix the door. Most doors are also embedded with rubber sealing strips on the door frame; Second, the process quality: special attention should be paid to check whether there are welding defects. Check whether the fit between the door leaf and the door frame is dense, whether the gap is uniform, whether the opening is flexible, whether all joints are dense, etc

there are also regulations on the materials of anti-theft doors, so the price is also very different from that of general safety doors and metal doors. It is understood that the general price of a brand anti-theft door is about 1200 yuan, while the price of an ordinary metal door can be as low as 300 or 400 yuan. Consumers should also consider brand factors. It is best to buy from a formal large home building materials City, and must sign a contract and indicate “ on the invoice; Security door ” In case the illegal operator will “ Steel door ” And so on





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