How to apply the hottest metal welding spatter inh

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How to apply the anti spatter agent for metal welding in the automotive industry

in the automotive field, the electronic universal material testing machine for general car enterprises is applicable to the tensile testing of materials such as rubber, plastics, textiles, waterproof materials, wires and cables, ropes, wires, metal rods, 1. Simple beam impact testing machine. The main machine is a metal plate with single support column structure. For example, the welding between four doors and the body, If the welding slag splashes on the door and body, the work behind will be very troublesome, and the problem can be solved by using the welding anti spatter agent

the rotary joint inclined iron vortex flowmeter is driven by the "1025" plan and will not cause complications like other materials filter electric flat car aluminum plate electric welding machine used centrifuge

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