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How can the double temperature rise smart door lock of family apartment avoid technical treading

Abstract: under such an application category of smart door lock, the consideration of fingerprint identification must be security level, not consumer level, involving the rebound of hammer body when the life safety sample is not broken. When selecting a fingerprint identification scheme supplier, the best thing for an enterprise is to refer to the technical scheme that has been approved by the application market of high security level such as banking system and public security system

smart door locks have been rapidly increasing since 2016 because they meet the dual demands of user convenience and operator management efficiency improvement

according to the "2017-2020 China smart door lock technology and application market analysis report" recently released by srida consulting, the market scale of smart door locks (with biometric or linkage function) in 2017 was close to 8million. It is expected that there will be more than 60million smart door locks in 2020, with an annual growth rate of more than 100%

at present, fingerprint identification technology at home application end has basically become a standard configuration. In addition, the smart product circle has learned from market research that in the apartment market, especially in short-term rented apartments, the public security department has been promoting the application of fingerprint lock to manage the floating population with the accuracy of fingerprint identification for personal identification, so as to crack down on fugitives, drug addicts, gambling and other criminals and social security crimes

for example, last year, a well-known short-term rental platform company was fined 40million yuan by the public security department for related incidents. Therefore, the apartment operator is also very motivated to install fingerprint locks on the rental houses under its management to avoid the joint and several laws arising from the uncertainty of the tenant's identity and hardness value

this is undoubtedly another major market benefit for fingerprint identification technology

smart vs smart door lock two paths of a technology

as a convenient and mature identity recognition scheme, fingerprint recognition is accepted by ordinary consumers due to its wide popularity in intelligence. However, fingerprint module enterprises have reached a consensus that the market is basically saturated and there is an urgent need to explore emerging market areas

the key components that need to be pointed out have been simulated by finite element analysis. Although fingerprint recognition is a unified technology, it is basically two things between different application fields

Ya Shaoyun, R & D director of elegant smart door lock, said to the smart product circle: "therefore, considering that it is generally only for personal use, the fingerprint identification scheme in Li often reduces the parameter setting of image matching degree in order to identify speed and recognition rate. Such a scheme is still feasible for such private items, but it cannot be directly translated to such open security products as smart door locks."

"texture phase" fingerprint recognition algorithm theory founder, capacitive fingerprint sensor "c-q-t" circuit technology inventor Liyangyuan, chairman and chief technical officer of Suzhou Mindray Microelectronics Co., Ltd., also said: "when we talk about the security industry, the military and civilian boundaries are relatively vague, and the security control of many community security and public security systems is equally strict. Simply put, what is security? We just need to be concerned about it. If we don't do it well, people will die and there will be a large loss!"

it can be seen that the requirements for fingerprint identification technology in different applications are completely different, which may lead to great differences in its technical composition, technical form and scheme design

smart door locks need to strictly observe the "security" attribute

under such an application category of smart door locks, the consideration of fingerprint identification must be security level, not consumption level, involving life safety. When selecting a fingerprint identification scheme supplier, the best thing for an enterprise is to refer to the technical scheme that has been approved by the application market of high security level such as banking system and public security system

the security of fingerprint identification is a system concept. In addition to the two basic parameters of false rejection rate and false recognition rate, it also has the requirements of applicability, robustness and anti attack ability

applicability refers to the availability of special fingerprints. It is not allowed to use them for special people such as the elderly and children or the recognition rate is significantly reduced

robustness means that the recognition rate can not be significantly reduced due to the natural changes of human fingerprints, because the human epidermis is replaced every month on average due to metabolism, and the impact of such natural changes on fingerprint recognition should be taken into account in the scheme

anti attack capability means that the scheme can resist a certain degree of attack at the four levels of finger, sensor, processor and system network. The "false fingerprints and biometrics" often mentioned in the mass media are only attacks at the finger level, while attacks at other levels have not attracted enough attention in the industry

on November 21, the "secure fingerprint IOT life" technology seminar hosted by Suzhou Mindray Microelectronics Co., Ltd. will be held in Shenzhen. The event invited heavyweight guests from the industry, University and research circles such as the third Institute of public security, Shenzhen Graduate School of Tsinghua University, Shenzhen Sanhuan electronics, Shenzhen Gaoyu chemical materials, Shanghai Lisheng biology, and will focus on the three dimensions of "the impact of IOT security on the security norms of fingerprint identification industry", "the analysis of the latest development trend of global fingerprint identification core technologies and processes" and "the security challenges and breakthroughs of fingerprint identification system", Colloquial fingerprint identification security application

liyangyuan said: "for the fingerprint identification scheme for security applications, the three parameters of safety, quality and accuracy are very important. At the same time, there are many frauds. This activity we do not play tricks and do not stir up the concept. We have actually invited upstream and downstream partners in the industry. We hope to speak with facts and tell the topic of fingerprint identification security at once!"

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