How to arbitrarily scale PageMaker mixed text

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How to arbitrarily scale the PageMaker text mixed layout file

when making the cover and body of periodicals and magazines, we often encounter that the text mixed with text needs to be enlarged or reduced. However, many words are placed in PageMaker. It does not have software points such as freehand. It can select pictures and words to scale arbitrarily. Its words must first change the font and font size one by one (typesetting can be used), Make the vehicle out of balance and then zoom the picture, so the workload is heavy. Here, I have a simple method: in the PageMaker software, set the high-precision display status and select the "file/print" command. It is learned that by selecting "write postscript to file" in the "options" command and selecting the "EPS" button, you can generate EPS format files, and then place graphics in the PageMaker file to zoom at will

however, this method has two limitations: first, it can only be used in PageMaker. 3. Plastic tensile testing machine: the tensile strength of plastic is greater than that of rubber. For example, when this graphic file is opened in Photoshop, it is only a black-and-white picture, and the text is garbled; Second, when the PS file is finally generated, there must be an original image, otherwise the PS file is blank due to performance degradation

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