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How to apply RS485 hub to electric automation technology

the mature application of electric automation technology and communication technology is mainly reflected in the stability. The stability and security of communication signal converter (RS485 converter, RS485 hub) is very important

there are usually several centralized communication technologies:

1 Passive optical fiber special communication technology

passive optical fiber network installs optical branching devices at optical branching points, which can realize high-speed optical fiber communication in various optical fiber networks such as tree and ring. At present, Ethernet passive optical network converter technology is more used in communication network. It has the characteristics of low cost, high broadband, scalability, high flexibility and compatibility

2. Active optical fiber communication technology

active optical fiber refers to the connection between the local end equipment and the remote end equipment through the active optical output equipment, and the photoelectric conversion between the nodes. For example, industrial Ethernet switch, SDH technology, etc. Active optical network has some disadvantages, such as point-to-point, utilization of carbon fiber and its composites in aerospace, waste of structural fiber core resources, inability to resist multi-point failure, need for photoelectric conversion, complexity of capacity expansion, etc.

3 Wireless private

wireless private is also one of the network communication technologies. The main technologies of the device include mobilexwimax, etc. Infinite communication technology also mainly needs the converter to realize the safe transmission and output of information (RS485 repeater and RS485 converter)

4. Distribution line carrier technology and infinite bus technology

model: ut-1204

Product Description: ut-1204 is an RS-485 bus split hub (hub) specially designed to meet the requirements of RS-485 large system in complex electromagnetic field environment. The product supports a transmission rate up to 115.2kbps. In order to ensure the safety and reliability of data communication, the RS-485 interface terminal adopts photoelectric isolation technology to prevent lightning surge from being introduced into the converter and equipment. The built-in photoelectric isolator and 600W surge protection circuit can provide 2500V isolation voltage, effectively suppress lightning and ESD, and effectively prevent lightning and common ground interference, The power supply adopts external switching power supply, which is safe and reliable, and is very suitable for outdoor engineering applications

in RS-485 working mode, the discrimination circuit adopted can automatically sense the direction of data flow, and automatically switch the enabling control circuit to easily solve the problem of RS-485 transceiver conversion delay. The RS-485 interface has a transmission distance of more than 1200 meters and stable performance. It is widely used in highway toll collection system, road monitoring system and power acquisition system. It is a data interface conversion product with excellent performance and price

ut-1204 RS-485 hub provides star RS-485 bus connection. Each port has 80 polymer modified asphalt composite tire waterproof membrane with short circuit and open circuit protection. Photoelectric isolation 2500V, users can easily improve RS-485 bus structure, segment, and improve communication reliability. When lightning strike or equipment failure occurs, the section with problems will be isolated to ensure the normal operation of other sections. This performance greatly improves the reliability of the existing RS-485 network and effectively shortens the network maintenance time. Reasonable use of ut-1204 RS-485 hub can help you design a unique and highly reliable RS-485 system

performance parameters:

■ compatible with RS-232 and RS-485 tia/eia standards

■ automatically send/receive data without external flow control signal (RTs), True three wire (d) communication

■ input interface: RS is required by product R & D -232 and RS-485 interface

■ output interface: four port RS-485 interface

■ communication rate: 300bps-115.2kbps

■ RS-485 interface Russia can connect 128 devices per channel

■ communication distance: 5000m (9600bps)

■ power supply, data flow and four channel fault detection indicators, Fault points can be detected

■ working mode: asynchronous half duplex (RS-485)

■ photoelectric isolation enhanced (isolation voltage 2.5kvrms/500vdc insulation), special dc/dc module, RS-485 provides 600W lightning protection, surge +/-15kV ESD protection and common ground interference prevention

■ electrical interface: RJ-45 connector

■ transmission medium: twisted pair or shielded wire

■ boundary dimension: 90mmx69mmx23mm

■ operating environment: -25 ℃ to 70 ℃, relatively wet all medalist medical elastomer materials are used in accordance with FDA requirements, ISO 10993 (5) and reach SVHC standards of 5% to 95%

■ applicable to all used communication software, Plug and play

■ support dos/win95/win98/win2000/nt/xp Linux, etc

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