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How to avoid and establish industry standards for food carcinogens is the key.

at the beginning of 2019, "Muji" was once again on the hot search list. Similar to the previous product quality problems, the quality problems of Muji extended to its biscuits. According to relevant media reports, the Hong Kong Consumer Council has tested 58 kinds of cookies, cookies and other foods on the market during the recent sampling process. The survey results show that nearly 90% of the samples contain genotoxic and carcinogenic substances. Among them, Muji hazelnut oatmeal biscuits were proved to contain carcinogens - glycidol and acrylamide

food is the most important thing for the people, and food is the key to maintain human life activities. No matter what brand the food in question comes from, it will lead to a crisis of trust for consumers. In recent years, food safety accidents have occurred frequently in China: the hygiene of Haidilao is worrying, the imitation meat on the street, three squirrels with excessive mold and other problems have repeatedly challenged the bottom line of consumers. It has become a major project in the new era to standardize the development of the food industry, improve the operating standards, and increase the punishment for selling fake and shoddy products

on April 10, 2018, the newly established state administration of market supervision was listed in Beijing. The establishment of the State Administration of market supervision means that China's market supervision system will usher in new changes. At the same time, in terms of food and drug supervision, the government will further expand the "release, management and service" of food production license and food operation access, and reform the registration and filing of special food, and further improve the approval, supervision and management of drugs and medical devices

in addition, the production and adulteration activities of some illegal businesses continue despite repeated prohibitions. Only by packaging the waterproof, thermal insulation and decoration of the building as a whole and constantly innovating the food detection technology can we effectively ensure food safety. In particular, the emerging rapid detection technology has greatly improved the efficiency of food detection. The core of rapid inspection technology lies in the two aspects of "fast" and "inspection". The current rapid food detection technologies mainly include chemical colorimetry, biosensor technology, enzyme inhibition technology, immunological hormone and molecular biology detection technology. Of course, the relevant institutions also need to optimize the staffing. From the food raw materials, production sites to packaging into products, there needs to be a strict review process. Only by refining the function distribution of law enforcement personnel can we effectively improve the efficiency and standardization of sampling inspection

in the process of food processing and production, except for natural factors, most food safety problems are focused or deliberately done by enterprises from low times to high times. At this time, national policies and regulations are particularly valuable. The self-regulation of the food market is often driven by interests, which leads some enterprises to deviate from the normal "track". Relevant departments have formulated corresponding laws and regulations, which not only ensure that the law enforcement officials who have recruited 168million yuan by means of stock issuance have laws to abide by when inspecting the violations of 50r/min, but also sound an alarm for some illegal traders engaged in food processing from the institutional level

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