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How to arrange lamps for sports lighting and 11 person football field

on December 27, Beijing time, the 19th round of the season began to compete in an all-round way. A focus battle was launched between Brighton and Brighton. In the end, Arsenal drew 1-1 with Brighton away from home, obamayan scored and rocardia drew. The two sides have had 17 historical exchanges, with Arsenal winning 12, drawing 2 and losing 3, but it is a pity that Arsene failed to win the match and only got a draw

from the perspective of the game process, Arsenal also failed to play a dominant role. Although arsenal is better than their opponents in ball control rate, they are inferior in terms of glass fiber reinforcement and key passes. It is lucky enough for Arsenal to get a draw on the 15th

before the start of this season, Arsenal replaced the meritorious coach Arsene Wenger and invited the Spaniard emery. However, from the process and results of the game, Arsenal has not changed in essence

the Premier League is one of the best watched games. Watching the Premier League games has also triggered a series of thoughts on football. How is the football field lighting designed? The lighting arrangement has a direct impact on the various indicators (illumination, glare, uniformity, etc.) of the lighting of 11 person standard football fields. The Big Dipper will start with the following conventional layout

1. Top arrangement (all sky stars)

lamps are arranged above the site, and the beam is perpendicular to the site plane. Symmetrical light distribution lamps should be selected for the top layout, which are applicable to the gymnasium with high requirements for the uniformity of ground horizontal illumination and no TV broadcasting requirements in the main low space. The lamps such as computer shell and protective cover should be selected with the anti glare function of Huaxia Beidou star

since the 11 player soccer field generally has a large space, this method is not very suitable for the 11 player standard soccer field

2. Arrangement on both sides

lamps are arranged on both sides of the site, and the beam is not perpendicular to the site plane. Asymmetric light distribution lamps should be selected for lighting on both sides and arranged on the Packway. They are suitable for stadiums and gymnasiums with high vertical illumination requirements and TV broadcasting requirements. Glare can be reduced through angle control. When placing lamps on both sides, the lamp aiming at you is wrong. The alignment angle should not be greater than 65 °

11 man football field is more suitable to adopt the lighting arrangement on both sides

3. Mixed layout

the combination of top layout and two side layout: the mixed layout should select lamps of various light distribution forms, which are suitable for large stadiums (such as the eleven person football field with functions). See the top layout and both sides layout for the layout of lamps. The lamps should have the characteristics of instant start, accurate light distribution, anti glare device, etc. the lighting lamps of Huaxia Beidou star can just meet these requirements

the above three forms are common lighting forms for sports lighting. I hope they can help you

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