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Four requirements for ordnance packaging were established

recently, at the "military coastal defense ammunition protection technology and ordnance packaging work conference" held in Yantai, the fifth ordnance packaging branch was elected, deputy director Han Cheng, chairman of the ordnance packaging branch, presided over the meeting, and vice president Qian Jin of China Packaging Technology Association presided over the meeting, The advantages of the servo control software of our tensile testing machine of China Packaging Technology Association are as follows: Vice President Qian Jin came to the meeting and made a speech. Major General Li shaoke, deputy director of the General Assembly general equipment support department and honorary director of the ordnance packaging branch, put forward four requirements on the work of the fifth ordnance packaging branch:

first, we should change our ideas, improve our understanding, and place the ordnance packaging work in an important position. Packaging is an important technical basic work in the construction of military equipment. Ordnance packaging should manually control the loading speed valve to control the rising speed of the piston (the speed and safety valve are in one body) to the storage, transportation, loading and unloading, use and management of weapons and equipment. As the "bearing body" of weapons and equipment to resist various adverse environmental factors, it is directly related to the reliability, success and service life of weapons and equipment; It directly restricts the rapid response and the improvement of support ability of the army, and even relates to the victory or defeat of the army. Therefore, we must fully realize that doing a good job in ordnance packaging is of great significance to improve the ordnance support ability and combat effectiveness of our army, put the ordnance packaging work in an important position, and give full play to the irreplaceable role of ordnance packaging in ordnance technology support and ordnance supply support

second, we should improve the organization and strengthen the leadership to make the ordnance packaging work organized Is it the problem of software implementation. In order to strengthen leadership and coordination, according to the characteristics of ordnance packaging work, the strength of the branch has been further enriched. The number of members has been increased from 13 to 37, covering the main departments of ordnance equipment support in the whole army. The tensile strength and yield strength curves tend to be level, and the organization system is more in line with the requirements of the new system and new tasks for packaging work. Once again, it is clear to set up branch offices and allocate full-time personnel in the General Armament Technology Research Institute

third, we should integrate with reality, solve the urgent need, and make the ordnance packaging work develop continuously and harmoniously. According to the general requirements of equipment support work, closely focus on the general equipment support preparation for the current military struggle, and in combination with the needs of the construction of "two into two forces", formulate the "development plan of ordnance packaging before 2010", and carry out the packaging of carrying ordnance equipment, inventory ordnance equipment and surplus ordnance equipment; Do a good job in the protection and packaging of new equipment for key troops and coastal defense forces; Solve the "accompanying protection" of urgently needed new weapons and equipment stored in the open air in the field and the complete storage, mechanized loading and unloading, and containerized transportation of ammunition for key troops; Systematic research should be carried out on the structure, materials, dimensions, weight, containers and methods of ordnance packaging, so as to enhance the protection ability from the inner packaging, improve the integrity of ordnance equipment, shorten the service processing time of ordnance equipment from the outer packaging, improve the rapid response ability of the army, and make the ordnance packaging work develop continuously and harmoniously

fourth, we should unite and cooperate to form a joint force to make ordnance packaging a work of joint management. We should constantly improve the quality assurance system of ordnance packaging, and implement the whole life cycle from development and production to management and use. Gradually establish ordnance packaging research and testing center, do a good job in the professional training of packaging personnel, and form a packaging management system with competent business departments, scientific research institutions, testing centers, factories and warehouses. We should unite and cooperate, be brave in innovation, constantly absorb advanced technology and successful experience at home and abroad, and constantly improve the level of ordnance packaging technology

the ordnance packaging scientific research work is managed by the business department and included in the equipment support scientific research plan. To ensure the funds needed to carry out ordnance packaging work, the annual activity funds of branches and offices shall be implemented by the special funds of the organ

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