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There are three major trends in the development trend of coatings in 2010

since China and even the world have been affected by the financial crisis, the economy has been in a depressed state after two or three working days of delivery. In the post crisis era, in 2010, my economy has changed after the adjustment of the clamping force has been reduced. For the situation of the coating industry this year under the economic crisis, it was proposed at the beginning of the year that the development speed would be appropriately slowed down, the development quality would be gradually improved, the automatic temperature control, automatic timing and automatic alarm of the low-temperature tank would be improved, the development environment would continue to be strict, the geographical distribution would tend to be reasonable, the industrial relationship would be closer, the service level would be improved, the social cognition would be gradually improved, and the participating enterprises would continue to grow

from the actual operation of more than a year, the actual impact of the economic crisis on the coating industry has emerged. Some new changes have taken place in the coating industry, which can be summarized as follows:

1. The total growth has slowed down or even decreased

first, China's coating industry has experienced a high growth rate of more than 20% at the scale of one million tons for many consecutive years, and is in a relatively stable period after high output and high growth rate when the growth has slowed down and declined in 2008; Second, the economic crisis caused a relative reduction in actual demand; Third, for a long time, the output and growth locomotive of the coating industry in Guangdong Province have stagnated or even declined

2. Obvious structural changes

the impact on the coating industry was originally expected to be architectural coatings, wood coatings, automotive coatings, container coatings and marine coatings. The actual situation is that wood coatings, container and ship coatings have been greatly affected, and some enterprises have even fallen to a quarter, but it is better than expected. This is closely related to the dependence of these coating customers on the international market; The statistical results of architectural coatings are still increasing, which is relatively strong compared with the decline of solvent based coatings; Automobile coatings can still achieve stability and growth, which corresponds to the steady growth of automobile production; The decline of other industrial coatings is more obvious

3. Improve the profit margin of the enterprise

the reduction of coating prices is limited and has been completed mostly after the outbreak of the crisis in 2008. In fact, this is an in situ regression under the changing price situation in 2008. In 2009, the price changes little, and the understanding of coating enterprises on the relationship between price and market is becoming more and more mature. The price of raw materials for coatings was low in 2009. This original cost and price difference is directly reflected in the profit statement of paint enterprises. In addition to the impact of the economic crisis on management thinking, the contribution of cost savings is also reasonable. This is rare in the coating industry for many years. I think it has a great impact on the thinking and mode of enterprise operation. In addition, industrial adjustment is the inevitable direction and key point of industrial development and Reform in the future

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