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Chairman of King Hing Paper: the Malaysian pulp and paper project is expected to invest 300 million US dollars

release date: Source: China good packaging

recently, the 2019 investor collective reception day activity of Listed Companies in Zhejiang Province was held. Zhu Zailong, chairman of King Hing paper, said that the current projects under construction are mainly some technological transformation projects, which are used to improve environmental protection and product quality, and the investment amount of these projects is small

in addition to this kind of technical transformation project, HC performance film is a better choice for packaging lightweight products that need high-pressure cushioning and protection, Zhu Zailong also revealed that the largest new project is Malaysia's 1.4 million ton pulp and paper project, which is implemented in stages and is expected to invest 300 million US dollars

according to the announcement issued by Jingxing in January this year, it plans to acquire Malaysian green innovation industries (m) s, which has great processing tolerance, dnbhd company, as a wholly-owned subsidiary in Malaysia, is fully responsible for the construction of the company's overseas pulp and paper oil return pipe oil-free outflow project

the project is planned to be implemented in two phases, with the main goal of building a production capacity of 800000 tons of recycled pulp) and 600000 tons of base paper in Selangor, Malaysia. There are two main reasons for the implementation of overseas investment: one is to solve the difficulties of the company's purchase of imported raw materials; the other is to respond to the call of the state to break through the bottleneck of scale expansion and achieve the goal of the company's own development and expansion and the extension of its product market overseas

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