Ethylene in the Far East fell by $100 per ton

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Ethylene in the Far East fell by $100 per ton

affected by the sharp fall in the international crude oil price last week and the annual repair and mass production of the second light oil cracking plant of Formosa Plastics Petrochemical Company will be completed by the end of this month, the spot price of ethylene in the Far East fell sharply, falling by $100 per ton compared with the previous week, the CIF price of ethylene in Taiwan was only about $per ton, and the spot price of propylene was only $20 per ton compared with last week

deformation measurement of electronic universal testing machine refers to the measurement of material displacement through the testing machine. The manufacturer said that due to the sharp decline of ethylene price, the spot price of polyethylene (PE) also fell significantly, such as the FOB export price of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) fell below US $per ton, and the linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) fell to US $630 per ton, etc

the spot price of propylene in Taiwan is about $per ton, down $20 from the previous week. Affected by the sharp decline in ethylene prices, propylene buying also presents a wait-and-see atmosphere. However, according to the industry, due to the lack of propylene supply, especially during the annual maintenance of light oil cracking plants, the decline in propylene prices is relatively limited; In addition, the spot price of polypropylene (PP) mostly fell back to below $800 per ton

local PE manufacturers estimate that since the mainland has not purchased materials for more than a month, after the PE price has fallen sharply, the market is expected to purchase materials due to the disappearance of the expected decline in oil prices, which will help the sales rebound

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