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On April 21, the energy-saving technology forum hosted by the Shenzhen technician Association, led by the relevant departments and bureaus of the Ministry of industry and information technology, the national development and Reform Commission, the Chinese Academy of engineering and the Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, kicked off in Shenzhen technician college. The participants included Guangdong Provincial Government officials, leaders of Shenzhen technician college and some senior experts, At the same time, the forum also invited a number of enterprises engaged in energy-saving technology to participate. As a leading enterprise with many years of experience in the field of energy-saving technology, the representative of Canada Canary Electronics Co., Ltd. made an important speech

Canary Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of IPC Canada, which is mainly engaged in the promotion of IPC products in China, secondary technology development and production of some products. The main products include: electric energy conversion, oilfield drive, port lifting equipment, elevator drive, super large-scale uninterrupted power supply, fuel cell, electric vehicle battery. The development center is based in the United States, the product commercialization project is in Canada, and the mass production of products is all over the world. Mr. Ma Wenfeng, chief engineer of Canada Canary Electronics Co., Ltd., said that IPC products with the purpose of high efficiency, automation, specialization and green environmental protection strive to provide users with automated products with simplified operation. He advocated that the price of 1kg ABS plastic filament should be $50 (6) 0, and the complex work should be completed by Canary electronics, leaving the convenience of use to users

in order to deepen the user's concept of caneng's products, chief engineer Ma introduced the IPC product IPC-PF feedback device, which aims at high efficiency, automation, specialization and green environmental protection. It is a high-performance power electronic energy-saving product manufactured with high-tech Canadian technology. The product can return the renewable electric energy converted from the kinetic energy and potential energy of the load in the speed regulation system to electricity, so as to achieve the purpose of energy conservation

ipc feedback products have perfect display and control functions; It can interface with various devices, which is very convenient to use; Simple PLC control function is set inside; The disadvantages of automatic monitoring and tracking of electricity are: poor fitting of cloth, poor touch and softness, limited isobaric and DC bus voltage of low hardness products; Adopt forced air cooling heat dissipation design; And the cooling fan can be automatically turned on and off according to the working temperature. All these functions make IPC feedback products easy to use, long service life, good control function and so on. IPC-PF feedback device is also used in a wide range of occasions. It has excellent energy-saving effects in cranes, hoists, elevators, pumping units, centrifuges, dynamometers, elevators, wind power generation, solar power generation equipment, etc

Canon Electronics always follows the law of harmony between science and technology and nature, and always takes "quality is the life of products, innovation is the soul of enterprises" as the guiding ideology, creating first-class brands and making first-class products. The launch of this energy-saving technology forum will create a perfect image of caneng. Caneng is willing to work with friends from all walks of life to create more excellent products

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