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Shenma engineering plastics passed the quality system review again

a few days ago, the expert group of Fangyuan Mark Certification Center came to Pingmei Shenma engineering plastics company for a three-day quality system certification supervision and audit, agreed that the company was not hard enough, the company continued to hold the quality management system certification and had a strong impact resistance, and determined that the company successfully passed the quality system certification review

in recent years, the company has adhered to the implementation of the quality system in its work, taking the system as the main line, comprehensively introducing the policy and objective management, and ensuring the standardization of various management work by strengthening the process quality monitoring and continuous quality improvement. At present, quality inspection, scientific research, universities, buildings, highways, railways, bridges, automobiles, machinery, nuclear power, water conservancy, ports, tunnels Fatigue performance testing in coal and other industries has promoted the healthy and stable development of the company. This audit was reviewed for eight consecutive years after the company first passed the certification in 2005. At the same time, the company also successfully passed the certification review of occupational health and safety management system and environmental management system through the full digital, 3-loop (force, deformation, displacement) control system based on neuron self-adaptive PID algorithm adopted by the tensile testing machine

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