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Shenhua compressed the coal sector to seek transformation

in 2015, overcapacity, weak demand, falling prices, business difficulties, and the industry's losses continued to expand throughout the coal market. From January to November, the main business income of coal mining and washing industry was 2278.79 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 14.6%; The total profit of coal mining and washing industry was 42.55 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 61.2%. However, at the time of the downturn in the industry, the domestic coal industry giant Shenhua Group took the lead in opening the prelude to reform

divestiture of coal assets

on September 18, 2015, Shenhua Group transferred half, or 20% of its 40% stake in Shanxi Jindong Energy Development Co., Ltd., at a transfer price of 143 million yuan. This is not the first time that Shenhua Group divested its coal assets in the past two years. In August 2014, Shenhua Shendong Coal Group Co., Ltd. publicly transferred 95% of the equity of Shaanxi Jihua Chaijiagou Mining Co., Ltd. at a listing price of 123 million yuan

in addition, Shenhua is also significantly reducing its investment in the coal sector. Not only will the production and sales of coal in 2015 be reduced by 10.8% and 10.4% respectively compared with the whole year of 2014, but the investment in coal business is only 4.83 billion yuan, accounting for only 13.1% of the total capital expenditure plan of 36.9 billion yuan in 2015 announced by it

in addition to divesting coal assets, the huge advantages of Shenhua's huge railway special line have also been greatly discounted due to the depression of the coal industry. It has gradually been liberalized from the previous independent franchise to local governments, and it was unimaginable to agree that Baotou Shenhua railway will operate passenger cars before

overweight power sector

judging from Shenhua's previously announced 2015 plan, the future profit growth points of the group will focus on power plants and railways. Previously, Shenhua disclosed in its annual report that it plans to launch the acquisition of equity of several large capacity clean coal-fired generating units under Shenhua Group in 2015 to achieve the growth of power business

on October 27, 2015, Shenhua announced that it acquired three power plants under Shenhua Group in one go, involving an amount of nearly 5.4 billion yuan

according to statistics, from July to September 2015, Shenhua Group added a total of 2300 MW of installed capacity: Shenhua Guohua Beijing gas thermal power project (950 MW); Chongqing Wanzhou port power integration project unit 2 (1000 MW); Shendong Hequ low calorific value coal power generation project unit 1 (350 MW). In addition to the coal sector, the power sector, which contributes the most to the main business income, is the downstream that Shenhua Group has actively developed in recent years. It is also an important part of Shenhua Group's implementation of upstream losses and downstream compensation

expand the railway transportation network

at present, Shenhua Group has a total of five special railway lines connected to its own, including Baoshen, xinzhun, Shenshuo, Shuohuang and zhunchi railways, which link the highest quality coal resources of Shenhua Group to the port for transportation, and are not affected by the increase of railway freight by the State Administration of railways

the huge special railway line can not only transport coal to ports for sale to the mainland and other countries and regions, but also have sufficient space to regulate coal sales and occupy the target market dominated by China's coastal areas. The new zhunchi railway will be paved in 2015; The construction of Huang Da railway started; The completion and operation of Huanghua Port Phase IV Project shows that the railway is still the most important growth point of Shenhua

from the total capital expenditure plan of 36.9 billion yuan in 2015 released by the company, the transportation business including railway accounts for the highest proportion, with a total of 15.45 billion yuan. In addition, Shenhua is also planning, arranging and preparing for the construction of heavy haul railway in advance according to the national "the Belt and Road" strategy

expand coal chemical industry business

Shenhua has made continuous moves in expanding coal chemical industry business. In September 2015 alone, not only was the propylene tower 1 of the cracking device of Shenhua Ningmei group's coal chemical by-product deep processing and comprehensive utilization project successfully hoisted in place, Shenhua Group held a signing ceremony for the 4million ton electrolytic aluminum project jointly constructed with Chinalco in Hebei, but also Shenhua's first 10 million ton modern super large 62 fiber reinforced low alkalinity cement building flat mine in Xinjiang, the No. 1 mine project of Hami Dananhu power plant of Guoshen group, was approved, It was also reported that a part of Shenhua's 100 billion coal chemical project in Yulin, Northern Shaanxi, that is, 4million tons of coal to methanol may be started within this year

according to another news, Shenhua will continue to increase investment in the coal chemical sector following the high transmission efficiency. It is estimated that by 2017, the coal chemical sector will have completed a total investment of 104billion cylinder diameter equivalent yuan, consume about 35million tons of coal annually, and the annual operating revenue will exceed 43billion yuan

insiders pointed out that at present, the business operation of enterprises is getting worse and worse, and the coal industry is difficult to reverse the situation in the short term. In particular, the government announced that it would reduce coal consumption. How to upgrade and transform coal enterprises has become a top priority for enterprises. Developing non coal business was once one of the loudest slogans shouted by many coal enterprises during their transformation, but few were really successful; Developing the whole industry chain business in the middle and lower reaches is also the dream of many large groups, but it is not going well for various reasons. Shenhua Group's transformation action may provide reference experience for more enterprises' transformation and upgrading

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