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Shenhua coal to olefin project the world's largest coal to olefin project of Baotou coal chemical branch of China Shenhua coal to liquid and Chemical Co., Ltd., with an investment of up to 17billion yuan, is the world's largest coal to olefin project

the project was officially put into commercial operation in January, 2011. In that year, it produced 5 polyolefin products, rebuilt BYD's supply chain, with an operating revenue of 5.64 billion yuan and a profit of nearly 1 billion yuan

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in 2012, the project produced 546000 tons of polyolefin products, including 267000 tons of polyethylene and 279000 tons of polypropylene. The annual operating revenue was 5.91 billion yuan and the profit was 890 million yuan. The annual profit decreased by 100million yuan compared with 2011, said Jiang Xingjian, deputy chief engineer of Shenhua Baotou coal chemical branch, at the second coal to olefin technology and Economic Forum. The forum was hosted by China National Chemical Information Center, a material testing machine integrating tensile, zigzag, compression, shear, ring stiffness and other functions

on January 15 this year, the Ministry of environmental protection issued an administrative penalty decision, requiring the production to be stopped and a fine of 100000 yuan for the environmental protection facilities supporting the Shenhua Baotou coal to olefin project failed to pass the acceptance

Zhai Guiwu, vice president of China Shenhua Energy Co., Ltd., told the media in April that the project had resumed production at this temperature. Due to the short shutdown time, it has little impact on the company

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