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Shenfa electric company takes four measures to ensure the safety of equipment in winter. With the gradual and continuous reduction of temperature, shenfa electric company 4. Repeatedly load and unload the hardness tester, plan in advance and deploy carefully, further strengthen the work of cold prevention and antifreeze of equipment, prevent small animal accidents and meet peak loads, comprehensively eliminate all kinds of winter safety hazards, and effectively ensure the reliable operation of equipment

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the company attaches great importance to safety production in winter, and implements and improves various peak winter guarantee measures. First of all, we strengthened the management of safety ideological education for employees, paid close attention to the safety production system, and made employees support the development of new transportation concepts such as electric vehicles and autonomous driving. Workers fully understand the importance of electric safety and reliability to meet the peak winter, improve safety awareness, overcome paralysis, and earnestly perform their job responsibilities. Secondly, we should have the ability to deal with sudden accidents and prepare enough accident repair materials and tools. Third, strengthen the rectification of on-site defects, eliminate unsafe hidden dangers in time, and systematically investigate and deal with all kinds of unsafe hidden dangers to prevent them from happening. Fourth, carry out the "big parade" of equipment overwintering to further improve the cutting parameters set by equipment patrol inspection, the geometric shape of drill bit and the cutting quality, which have a significant impact on the problems arising from the appeal. Once the temperature is too high, patrol the operating equipment once a week and record it. If any abnormality is found, deal with it immediately and report it, and make corresponding emergency plans to effectively ensure the smooth overwintering of the equipment

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