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Shenhua Group set foot in the retail of refined oil and opened a new pattern for non oil enterprises

does Shenhua Group set foot in the retail of refined oil and open a new pattern for non oil enterprises

September 7, 2012

[China paint information] recently, the first gas station of Shenhua Group will open in Ordos to sell the refined oil produced by Shenhua Ordos coal to liquids branch. As early as February 3, 2010, Shenhua coal to liquid chemical Co., Ltd. and Shenhua Erdos coal to liquid branch, two coal to liquid enterprises under Shenhua Group, have obtained the qualification for wholesale operation of refined oil. This time, non oil enterprises' entry into the retail market of refined oil has aroused widespread concern in the market, which is bound to make a different voice in the monopoly pattern of "three barrels of oil"

according to Li Yan, an analyst of Longzhong information, coal to liquid is also a part of refined oil (3) public attitude towards the construction of this project;. As the mining cost per ton of coal in China is far lower than that in foreign countries, the raw material cost advantage of coal to liquid is very obvious. It is estimated that when the international crude oil price is higher than the US dollar range, the market competitiveness of CTL will be highlighted, and the current international oil price has been maintained at more than US $90 for a long time. The intervention of CTL has brought a circle of ripples to the relatively calm refined oil market

profit driven is obvious. Non oil enterprises test the water product oil market

Shenhua Shanghai chlor alkali will transform the electrolysis unit and put it into the group's coal to oil project. In the first half of 2012, 427800 tons of oil products have been produced, with a profit of 270 million yuan. It is expected to approach or reach the design capacity of producing 1million tons of refined oil by the end of the year. According to Li Yan, an analyst at Longzhong information, the high profit margin is an important driving force for Shenhua Group to test the water product oil market, and the profit of retail is much higher than that of wholesale. It is understood that Shenhua Group will build another batch of gas stations with measurement accuracy in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in the later stage, and then gradually expand to surrounding provinces and regions. It can be seen that with Shenhua's rich coal resources, low production costs and broad market space, the pace of coal to liquid will be faster and more powerful

it is reported that PetroChina and Sinopec have actively negotiated with Shenhua Group, hoping that both parties can sign a long-term supply contract of refined oil to replace the external sales of coal to liquid enterprises. However, with huge profits and good development prospects, coal to liquid still took the first step to seize the refined oil market. Recently, the 4 million ton coal to liquid project of Shenhua Group in Ningxia and the 5.4 million ton coal to liquid project of Lu'an Group have been approved. Coal to liquid is bound to gradually strengthen in the future, and the market share is expected to expand steadily

adverse constraints still exist, and it is still too early to shake the monopoly of "three barrels of oil"

as early as August 4, 2008, the national development and Reform Commission issued the notice on issues related to strengthening the management of coal to liquid projects, which clearly pointed out that the investment risk of coal to liquid projects is high, and they cannot be rushed up and spread out in an all-round way. Except for the Ordos project of Shenhua Group, the approval of other coal to liquid projects will be suspended. According to Longzhong information, although the current approval process has been relaxed, considering that coal chemical projects cost a lot of water and are easy to pollute the environment, the state's cautious attitude towards this still exists. Only large groups such as Shenhua and Lu'an have passed the examination and approval, and the threshold of device scale is high. Therefore, the new coal to liquid production capacity will not be too rapid, but belongs to the trend of seeking progress in stability

according to the observation and analysis of Longzhong information, the coal to liquid technology is not yet mature, and its quality is difficult to match that of refinery oil. At the same time, low market awareness, small scale, and the industrial chain has not yet taken shape are all unfavorable factors in its competition. At the same time, PetroChina and SINOPEC are still expanding the retail market of refined oil products. The total number of gas stations has exceeded 49000. In addition, some private gas stations will compete with them at low prices. Therefore, it is too early for Shenhua coal to liquids to shake the monopoly of "three barrels of oil"

behind the involvement of coal to liquids in the refined oil market: alternative energy needs to be developed urgently

the current domestic oil production is far from meeting the high-speed growth demand, so it is excessively dependent on imported crude oil and petroleum products. According to Li Yan, an analyst at Longzhong information, China's dependence on foreign crude oil has reached 56.5% in 2011. In 2011, the domestic crude oil output was only 203.6 million tons, while the import volume was 250 million tons. Such a high proportion of imports has a potential adverse impact on national energy security and transportation, so the development of alternative energy has been paid more and more attention

China is a country with "more coal and less oil", and coal accounts for 70% of domestic energy. Therefore, coal to oil has inherent advantages, and once it is mature, it will greatly alleviate its excessive dependence on imported petroleum products. Relevant data show that the total output of 15 coal liquefaction plants with commercial scale Klaus mafi as the system supplier of the whole set of automatic production units will replace 15% of China's oil imports in 2020. As the leader of the domestic coal industry, Shenhua Group is the first to "eat crabs"

Li Yan, an analyst at Longzhong information, believes that the state allows Shenhua Group's coal to liquids gas station to be put into operation this time, which shows that the government has a positive attitude towards coal to liquids at the strategic level. China is not the only country in the world that produces oil from coal. South Africa is a very good example of success. As early as the 1950s, the South African government began to study the coal to oil industry. Today, South Africa's energy self-sufficiency rate has reached about 50%. Although there are still many problems to be solved, its positive significance for China's overall energy structure reform is self-evident

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