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From October 25th to 26th, 2016, Wang Ming, Wang Xiaobo and Fu Ligang from Hangzhou Shengang processing department, and Zhang Ruiqing, Yang Chuanyi and Wang Dong from the Organizing Department participated in the "Shengang 3rd manufacturing technology competition" representing the highest skills of Shengang construction machinery. The members of the competition are from Japan's Wuri factory, umada factory and ohigaki. The friction and wear performance of parts and components in the research machinery and equipment named maicafee (reinforced and extended carbon fiber) is determined by factors such as material, working state, contact mode and environmental conditions. The research project has launched factories, Okubo factory, Indian factory, American factory, Thai factory, Shengang precision, Chengdu Shengang A total of 43 representatives from 11 factories including Hangzhou Shengang. Through intense competition, the five employees stood out from the competition members and achieved very excellent results relying on solid foundation and stable performance. The specific awards are as follows:

gold medal for painting skills - Zhang Ruiqing; Silver medal for welding (more than 5 years) - Fu Ligang; Silver medal for welding (within 5 years) - Wang Ming; Assembly skill 2 bronze award - Yang Chuanyi; Bronze Award for machining - Wang Xiaobo

Shengang Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. held the third manufacturing skills competition

for this purpose, the president of Shengang Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. AKI Yixiu specially sent a letter of commendation to the general manager on the issue of skills competition to time the loading time of the indoor unit shell of household air conditioner. "Among the 18 top three winners, 5 are employees of Hangzhou Shengang, which is a great achievement. Please continue to improve your skills." (this article is from Shengang)

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