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China Cloud Computing won the "red hat" to accelerate the layout of cloud computing

recently, Beijing Digital China Cloud Computing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "China Cloud Computing") under Digital China Group has reached a cooperation with red hat company (hereinafter referred to as "red hat"), the world's leading open source solution provider. China Cloud Computing announced that it has completed the red hat cloud computing and service provider certification (CCSP) and become a Red Hat Certified cloud computing and service distributor (ccspd)

strength has been certified and entered cloud management services in an all-round way

it is understood that the Red Hat Certified cloud and service provider certification program (see table 1er program, CCSP) is a cooperative certification involving leaders in many industries. The certification plan has strict technical requirements for partners, and it needs to be tested to prove that they can provide a safe, scalable, technically supported and stable environment during the deployment of enterprise cloud. China cloud computing has successfully passed the certification with its complete professional and technical strength, rich resource advantages and practice

Shenzhou cloud computing, which has passed the certification program, will provide solutions, technical support and services based on red hat's integrated development environment to help customers gain the advantages and value of red hat's diversified and open. The cooperation with red hat not only proves that Shenzhou cloud computing has the ability to plan, build, manage and provide solutions of red hat technology, but also proves that Shenzhou cloud computing has comprehensive cloud management services, which provides a demonstration of the opportunity ability

opportunities and challenges coexist, and cloud management services are at the right time

with the increasing penetration of cloud computing in the domestic IT market year by year, industry applications based on cloud technology, emerging technologies based on cloud computing such as big data, IOT, artificial intelligence, etc. will also accelerate the integration with the industry, implement and grow rapidly. Based on this, enterprises' acceptance of cloud computing has increased significantly, and more and more enterprises deploy their core business systems in the cloud. But related problems are also gradually emerging: most enterprises lack a complete professional service team, so it is difficult to build a cloud infrastructure suitable for their own business. When in a mixed cloud scenario, there is no unified management support interface, and there is also confusion about it cost optimization

the demand and dependence of enterprise users on cloud management are gradually increasing, and professional cloud management service providers are needed to help users manage cloud computing resources and provide full life-cycle solutions and services. The report shows that by 2021, the global cloud management service market will exceed $76.7 billion, of which 90% of enterprises will adopt the solutions and services provided by cloud management service providers

professional service capabilities, escort enterprises to the cloud

around the hybrid Cloud Architecture, China Cloud Computing provides enterprises with cloud computing resources, cloud management services and scenario solutions, helps enterprises continuously optimize the cloud architecture, ensures the security and high availability of cloud systems, and escorts the core business of enterprises. The experimental machine is an indispensable and important testing instrument. As a provider of cloud management services, China cloud computing has a wide range of cloud resource docking, leading cloud management platform and professional services for research and development, and can provide customers with cloud hosting operation and maintenance and cloud services from IAAs, PAAS to SaaS

the most extensive resource docking

China cloud computing is the only company in China that has obtained the highest level partner identity of AWS, azure and aliyun at the same time. It is the first batch of MSP Certified Partners in Oracle China, strategic partners of Huawei, partners of Tencent cloud and Baidu cloud. In the field of cloud applications, China cloud computing has more than 160 SaaS resources in 14 categories, and has entered into cooperative relations with hundreds of SaaS resource providers

the leading cloud management platform

Yunbo () can manage resources across the cloud, realize automatic deployment and configuration, and comprehensively monitor in real time to help customers manage resources on the cloud more conveniently and continuously optimize costs

service Q () is a cloud operation and maintenance management + enterprise IT service management platform, which provides customers with mixed cloud full life cycle IT service management solutions and helps enterprises accelerate digital transformation

professional services and research and development

Digital China has 100 + cloud professional technology certification, and provides cloud management services and cloud application solutions and examples such as big data, IOT, media services, cloud call center and hybrid reality for thousands of enterprise customers throughout their life cycle

work together to improve the business value of enterprise users

at the Yunqi Conference on October 12, 2017, Alibaba cloud announced that it had reached cooperation with red hat cloud. As Alibaba cloud's diamond partner and red hat's certified cloud computing and service distributor, China cloud computing will provide red hat's image, technical support and services in the brand Hall of Alibaba cloud market, and provide customers with solutions for integrated development environment

for this cooperation, Shenzhou preheating (step 2) and purification in continuous SSP reactor (step 3) are the key steps of purification efficiency in this process. Li Jing, assistant president of Digital China group and deputy general manager of Shenzhou cloud computing, said: we expect Shenzhou cloud computing, red hat and Alibaba cloud to continue to optimize the cloud environment of enterprise users, which is safer, more stable and more powerful

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