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Longyin glass: the most fashionable low-carbon family

"use energy-saving lights, and develop the habit of turning off the @a panel display function light and unplugging the power plug; use cloth bags or bamboo baskets for shopping, and refuse to use plastic bags; take more buses when traveling, and drive private cars less than two days a week." Recently, Changsha "low carbon family · fashionable life" energy-saving creative community activity was launched in fengjiachong community, Yuhua District. Energy saving volunteer Xiang society. This is why the high-end cathode material market is also ushering in a broad development opportunity? District residents issued low-carbon energy conservation initiatives

at the event site, many community residents helped the old and the young, and the whole family went out. Long updated the data of the comparison results. Sharon Yin glass Functional Film Co., Ltd. exhibited on site that it can block 99% of the sun's ultraviolet rays and reduce the indoor temperature by 3. The building energy-saving glass window film at about 5 ℃ has aroused the great interest of some citizens and heads of community units; The inventor of the patent, liguodong, brought the stove energy saver he invented, which can improve the thermal efficiency compared with the original gas stove. 7. More than 5%, popular with community housewives

Miao Chenguang, director of Changsha energy management office, introduced that this activity is one of the theme activities of the "energy conservation publicity week" series in Changsha. The purpose of the activity is to call on citizens to be advocates and practitioners of low-carbon life, starting with the details of each family and each person's life, and establish a low-carbon, environmental friendly and green life concept

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