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Longgong excavator took the lead in launching the "efficiency 100" service brand

Longgong excavator took the lead in launching the "efficiency 100" service brand

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Guide: strive for 100% customer satisfaction with 100% efforts; When it comes to service, we will strive to build the first brand of service efficiency in China's construction machinery industry! On November 22, at the Longgong excavator efficiency 100 service brand press conference held at Sofitel Hotel Sheshan, Shanghai, Longgong excavator clothes

"strive for 100% customer satisfaction with 100% efforts; do what you say, worry free service, and strive to build the first brand of service efficiency in China's construction machinery industry!" On November 22, at the "efficiency 100" service brand press conference of Longgong excavator held at Sofitel Hotel Sheshan, Shanghai, Longgong excavator service team and distribution agents from all over the country made a solemn promise to all customers. The Flying Service flag and the clanking service oath express the confidence and determination of Longgong workers to "strictly regulate themselves with efficiency, set the first benchmark of industry service efficiency with the highest requirements, and achieve the highest action force in the field of construction machinery", marking that the Longgong excavator business with "quality leading the industry and service innovation value" has entered a new era of rapid and healthy development

Longgong service brand, with the purpose of "exceeding customer expectations", advocates the brand concept of "service lies in action · action produces efficiency", and through the professional and effective action performance of "the first goal · the first time · the first site · the first efficiency", it "cares about customers in place · treats frankly and communicates in place · service efficiency skills in place · customer maintenance feelings in place", Carefully shape the brand image of "heavy industry defender" and "international vision, scientific and technological strength, cordial attitude, steady and self-confidence, efficiency first". When it comes to enthusiasm, provide customers with brand services of "8-hour expert free training, 24-hour overtime compensation, 4000 hour free warranty, 10000 hour free regular inspection, full authorization, all China Federation". 2. It is the threshold for bidding documents to help customers solve their worries, create the greatest value, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results, Share a bright future

Mr. Qiu Debo, executive director, CEO and President of China Longgong Holdings Co., Ltd., attended the brand press conference and delivered a speech. In his speech, President Qiu Debo briefly briefed you on the operation of Longgong from January to October 2010, looked forward to the development prospect of excavator industry in 2011, and analyzed the situation faced by Longgong. President Qiu Debo said that Yu Zhongbin, an engineer of Cangzhou Mingzhu diaphragm Technology Co., Ltd., which benefited from China's economy, said that thanks to the rapid recovery and the special benefits of the heavy industry, the sincere cooperation of all agents and the loyalty and trust of customers, Longgong comprehensively set a new historical record, and all economic indicators reached a record high; In the next five years, the country will have political stability, social stability and steady economic development. The construction machinery industry has broad prospects. The excavator industry must be a promising sunrise industry; Longgong excavator has a great future, but "there are obstacles in front of the enemy and pursuers behind", we must overcome difficulties and advance despite difficulties

when talking about the construction of Longgong excavator service brand, President Qiu Debo said that Longgong has always attached importance to the construction of service brand. As early as five or six years ago, it led the industry to fully implement the policy of "one-year warranty for double transformer assembly and one-year warranty for complete machine", and then tried out "24-hour overtime compensation" in mature areas, always leading the new trend of service in the industry. This time, the birth of the "efficiency 100" service brand led by Longgong excavator marks another gratifying step in the direction of "manufacturing service". In terms of service innovation value, brand is only a carrier and cannot replace the two strengths of software and hardware. Both host manufacturers and distribution agents are members of the "Longgong family". We should uphold Longgong's family culture, strive to build a service efficiency brand, work together to create a better tomorrow for Longgong's excavator business, and strive to fully realize the new goals of Longgong's "second round entrepreneurship · five year plan" and fully complete the new tasks of development in 2011

Mr. Zheng Kewen, general manager of Longgong excavator division, made a speech at the brand launch. President Zheng said that with the continuous launch of the "efficiency king" series excavators, Longgong's excavator business continues to show a good momentum of rapid development. From January to November this year, the cumulative sales of Longgong excavators increased year-on-year, which was much higher than the average growth rate of the market, ranking first among the domestic main sales brands, and all comprehensive indexes were in the forefront of national brands. In order to better realize the long-term development strategy, the company repositioned this year, determined a new development strategy, and focused on building the first brand of service efficiency in China's construction machinery industry

president Zheng said in his speech that good service is an important way to establish enterprise brand and spread enterprise image, and it is also the most important market competitiveness of enterprises. As a main engine manufacturer, we will unswervingly focus on the standardized management, supervision and control of the quality of the whole machine, the guarantee of accessories and the service process; We sincerely hope that all agents will further improve their service network, do a good job in the construction of maintenance sites, prepare enough reasonable accessories, equip service vehicles, and comprehensively improve the quality of personnel. With 100% efforts, we will strive for 100% customer satisfaction and 100% trust, so that Longgong service will become a new and higher benchmark leading China's excavator industry

Mr. Chen Jie, chairman of Longgong (Shanghai) excavator Manufacturing Co., Ltd., delivered a speech at the reception dinner, sincerely thanking everyone for their hard work for the rapid development of Longgong excavator industry; We encourage everyone to take the launch of the "efficiency 100" service brand as a new starting point, actively strive to strengthen the excavator business of Longgong, realize their life aspirations, build a world-class enterprise, build a "century long Longgong", and make contributions to promoting the progress of the world construction machinery industry and the development of human society

more than 100 experts, agents and media from all over the country participated in the morning press conference, afternoon training meeting and evening reception banquet, and jointly witnessed another milestone in the development history of Longgong excavator

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