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Longgong improves its overseas layout and actively expands the Myanmar market

Longgong improves its overseas layout and actively expands the Myanmar market

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on June 29, China Longgong and its Myanmar agent, greater man, jointly held a press conference at Novotel Hotel in Yangon. Witnessed by more than 10 media, it officially announced the joint development of Myanmar's construction machinery market

in recent years, in the face of the continuous downturn of the global economy and the return of China's construction machinery industry to a rational "new normal", China Longgong not only continues to lead its peers in China with its profitability, risk control, cash flow and other development indexes, but also has won public attention; In the overseas market, it has also developed steadily and continued to cultivate its main business. This time, Longgong has keenly invested in Myanmar, and its cooperation with greater man is of great significance

Mr. Qiu Debo, CEO and President of China Longgong Holdings Co., Ltd., said at the press conference that China's experience of sustained and rapid development of reform and opening up shows that national development cannot be separated from infrastructure construction; Myanmar is in the best period of infrastructure construction and mining industry development, and the control measurement accuracy is relatively low, and the demand for construction machinery products is increasing; Longgongren is optimistic about the Myanmar market and is willing to help users create greater value and win greater development with high-quality products, competitive business conditions, after-sales service and the development of accessories supply market

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greater man CEO Mr. win very much agrees with Longgong's development concept. In his speech, he said that he would strive to deeply cultivate the Myanmar market, fully promote the Longgong brand, and constantly meet the individual needs of new and old customers in terms of sales, service and parts supply, so that "Longgong yellow, no matter what kind of lunch box" would become the preferred product for Myanmar users

Mr. Zhang Tianzhou, member of the Standing Committee of Longyan municipal Party committee and executive vice mayor of Fujian Province, who is carrying out economic and trade activities in Southeast Asia, and his delegation jointly witnessed the cooperation ceremony

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