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Changlian polypropylene broke through the 100000 ton mark in advance

good news came from the production scheduling meeting held by the 100000 ton polypropylene plant on September 9: the output of the 100000 ton polypropylene plant reached 101750 tons. According to the year-on-year time node, it broke through the 100000 ton mark seven days in advance. Its comprehensive energy consumption, propylene unit consumption and other major economic and technical indicators ranked at the forefront of the same type of devices in the headquarters, becoming a new bright spot for Changlian to create excellence and efficiency

since this year, the device has taken fine management as the focus and core of all management work, and thus led to the development of other work. The design of the device is 100000 tons, but all the staff put pressure on themselves and surpassed themselves. They are in line with the best devices in the industry and implement the management indicators to every link and every post. Fully tap internal potential, decompose quantitative indicators month by month and implement them layer by layer. At the same time, formulate and issue performance evaluation management measures for increasing production, and fully improve the enthusiasm of all employees to "increase production, compete for every ton" extruder enterprise orders, so as to strive for the maximization of polypropylene production

"in order to run the device well, equipment management is indispensable". They carefully planned and carefully prepared to strengthen the implementation, inspection and assessment of defect management, so as to effectively curb equipment safety accidents and unplanned outages; At the same time, they have strong operation monitoring with poor accuracy of screw replacement, requiring operators to adjust frequently to ensure parameter optimization. The device has also formulated and issued various accident emergency plans, and conducted Accident Plan drills every month to ensure safety and stability, and whether the device can be replaced for long-term operation

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