Beijing hopes to become a national publishing and

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Beijing is expected to become a national publishing and printing center in 2008. As an important part of welcoming the Olympic Games, Beijing will strive to develop six cultural industries and build six cultural centers in the next four years. One of the priorities is to build a national publishing and distribution and copyright trade center

according to the relevant person in charge of the Beijing municipal government, a fast-moving injection molding machine has attracted the attention of the public. In the next few years, Beijing will intensify efforts to develop railway equipment processing projects in Long'an district and promote the system reform of Beijing Distribution Group and other units. By 2008, Beijing Distribution group will complete the sales of 2billion yuan. Chinese biomedical materials are mainly used as medical devices in clinical utilization, The annual output value of Beijing's printing industry will exceed 10billion yuan. At the same time, great efforts will be made to develop audio-visual, electronic and Internet publishing, making Beijing a national publishing center, the most important publication distribution center integrating the above opinions, and the largest retail market

at the same time, Beijing also hopes to become a National Center for literary and artistic performances, film and television program production and trading, animation and Internet game R & D and production, cultural exhibition and antique art trading by 2008. The Beijing municipal government hopes that by 2008, the cultural industry will account for 9% of Beijing's GDP and truly become the pillar industry of Beijing's national economy

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