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Longchuan stamping hardware supplier [Jingxin precision] consult today

Longchuan stamping hardware supplier [Jingxin precision] consult today

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Product Brand Jingxin precision product model th-008 production City Guangdong shipping City National Total supply 100000 minimum order 1 product unit price 0.1 unit of measurement product details

Longchuan stamping hardware supplier [Jingxin precision] Dongguan Jingxin Precision Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a sheet metal processing manufacturer integrating sheet metal processing, metal stamping, CNC processing, high gloss processing and CNC turning and milling. Workers usually need to make special sample factories, which mainly process the processing services of sheet metal blanking, laser cutting, bending, stamping, CNC processing, surface highlight processing, welding, CNC lathe milling and other processes of various precision accessories and mechanical parts. The factory has a wide range of processing, involving electrical appliances, furniture, engineering machinery, stationery, fitness equipment, civil, construction and other industries when testing electric motorcycles, electric 8, tensile testing machines. The factory is a modern management enterprise. It now has advanced precision machining equipment, complete supporting facilities, large processing range, complete processing specifications, unlimited processing quantity and high precision. It is suitable for customers who trial produce and batch accelerate the processing of wound healing products

the main processing equipment of the factory includes CNC machining center, laser cutting machine, CNC bending machine, ton punch, 100000 RPM high gloss machine, wire drawing machine, grinder, drilling machine, hydraulic press, CNC lathe, ordinary lathe, milling machine, grinder, wire cutting, drilling machine, electric welding machine, argon arc welding machine, etc. The factory has the ability to contract and process all kinds of large mechanical parts, precision parts and complex parts. It cooperates with many enterprises, such as the Automation Institute of various academies of Sciences, the Institute of physics, and the Institute of electrical processing

after the tool compensation is established and executed, the numerical control system automatically calculates and the tool position is automatically adjusted to the tool motion path. Directly using the workpiece size to compile the processing program, tool wear, change the processing program unchanged, simple and convenient to use. Economic CNC machine tools have simple structure and low price, and have a certain amount of ownership in manufacturing enterprises. If there is no tool compensation function in the economical CNC machine tool system of sheet metal processing manufacturers

to ensure the production quality and safety of products, we need to control from the aspects of raw material supplier evaluation and selection, strengthening the acceptance of raw materials before warehousing, and improving the quality of warehousing management. Strictly control the incoming of raw materials. The classification of raw materials and their supplier evaluation and selection. The production of raw materials should be subject to classification management, with emphasis on the evaluation of raw material suppliers, the selection and determination of raw material suppliers, and the purchase quality of raw materials should be strictly warehoused on a regular basis. The quality of raw materials should be controlled by parts processing enterprises

Machining centers in China adopt TSG and provide customers with efficient local product supply tool system at the same time. There are two kinds of tool handles: straight handle (3 specifications) and taper handle (4 specifications), including 16 tool handles for different purposes. The imported sheet metal lathe processing plant expounds the lack of brand awareness in the market. The imported sheet metal lathe processing plant adopts automatic lathes to process parts, which mainly depends on the needs of its own product structure and product quality, rather than the needs of batch processing

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