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Longrun lubricant and auto parts elite On June 26, hosted by Huicong automobile, Henan Reed Exhibitions Hongda Exhibition Co., Ltd. (ciaaf), longrun lubricants, auto parts elites and Daka jointly opened the "chain · dashai" engine

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The 2018 International Forum on the development of automotive service chain industry, CO hosted by HC automotive supplies, was grandly held in Qianxi hall, JW Marriott Hotel, Greenland, Zhengzhou! Guests from auto service chain organization entrepreneurs, first-line brands, terminal store elites, Huicong auto buyer group and mainstream media attended in full dress to discuss the new business format of auto service chain, seek a new industrial pattern, and jointly foresee the next round of development opportunities of auto service industry

"longrun lubricating oil" attended the forum as a special guest and brought the product of "winning the most popular diesel engine oil of the year". Longrun senior sales consultants also came to the scene to explain professional vehicle oil product knowledge to guests and customers

"longrun lubricant" was unveiled at the international forum

600 guests from leaders of the Automotive Aftermarket Association, representatives of chain agencies, brands, elites of terminal stores, industry media and other guests attended this grand summit dialogue, which was a gathering of leading brands of automotive service chains

for five years, Zhengzhou forum has witnessed the growth and leap of automobile service chain brands. In 2018, the development speed of automobile service chain is accelerating day by day, and the market prospect is broad. How to find opportunities under the chain wave is the focus of post market enterprises. How to give full play to the power of chain resources and explore the new pattern of automobile service industry under the role of variable load is the theme of this forum

Ms. Zhao Yifen, general manager of Huicong automobile

"this is the mid year grand event of the automotive service industry. Guests gathered in Zhengzhou, all for the development of the industry!" Ms. zhaoyifen, general manager of Huicong automobile, delivered a speech, "this forum brings together the thoughts and wisdom of leaders and elites in the auto service industry, and the strength of the forum to support enterprises, inject vitality and create an environment for creating a chain era, quickly enhance the influence and voice of brand chain stores and high-quality service stores in the field of automotive services, and play a platform value for forging a benchmark in the field of automotive services."

leaders in the era of dialogue describe the new pattern of the industry

"chain · big era" theme forum: insight into the foundation of development and discuss the way of management

at present, China's car ownership has exceeded 310million. The fastness of data experiments such as glass weaving is an important part of the entire ecological environment, and the field of post market services has ushered in an unprecedented new height. With the renewal and iteration of the business model, the automotive aftermarket service industry has gradually tilted towards chain and branding in recent years. Through the chain model, enterprises can give better play to their channel advantages and rely on the frontier of terminal stores to quickly establish brand advantages, while terminal stores can also be improved through the standardization of chain

looking at the long river of the development of the entire automotive service industry, there have been not only many well-known brands, but also a number of excellent terminal stores. They stand in the front line of the automotive service industry, grasp the pulse of the market, understand the needs of users, seek common development with the brand, and get rid of the shackles of the traditional model with scientific business philosophy

after the forum, "longrun lubricant" was invited to enter the "huicongluo live broadcast room" again. Mr. xuyuzong, general manager of the lubricant traditional sales division of Beijing longrun Kaida group, and Mr. zhangzhiheng, a Zhengzhou dealer of longrun, participated in the interaction

since Beijing longrun Kaida group introduced "longrun lubricant" products to the market, there are 19 categories and more than 1100 products. After more than three years of operation, the production and sales of longrun lubricants have reached more than 10000 tons per year. The market has strengthened the management coverage of key civil aircraft models such as ARJ21 new regional aircraft, ag600, Xinzhou 700 new turboprop regional aircraft, and has gradually expanded to more than 20 provinces and cities across the country

it is against this background that "longrun lubricant", as a made in China and Chinese brand, takes promoting the development of the automotive aftermarket industry as its own responsibility and constantly improves the scientific research development and management level

"longrun lubricating oil" has carried out customized marketing strategies for dealers, planned together with dealers, and customized personalized marketing plans in line with local characteristics. In addition, in order to show more enterprise style to terminals, the activity of "longrun goes to hundreds of stores, and hundreds of stores visit longrun" was specially launched. Hundreds of terminals have successively entered longrun lubricant R & D, production and storage base

"longrun lubricant" has launched the activity of opening the cover, scanning the code and receiving red envelopes for the majority of end users

"create longrun brand and become a century old enterprise" is the corporate vision of Beijing longrun Kaida group. There is a long way to go in the future. A new thermoplastic composite preform technology called "qee-tech" and corresponding processing equipment developed by South Korea eelcee company have never changed their original intention of becoming a Chinese lubricant brand. As Mr. Zhang Jihua, chairman of the group, often said: sincere, tolerant, grateful and persistent. We are grateful to the friends who have been supporting and helping us. With a grateful heart, we will contribute to the society and the development of China's lubricant industry

leading resources, stable supply, continuous investment, and win-win for businesses and enterprises. Longrun lubricants will work together with dealers and terminal friends to achieve win-win cooperation

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