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Longgong actively deployed the new strategy of loader marketing in 2013

Longgong actively deployed the new strategy of loader marketing in 2013

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Guide: on January 10, 2013, China Longgong Holdings Co., Ltd. grandly held the 2013 marketing work conference in Songjiang, Shanghai, during which the Longgong loader marketing work conference was held, and the marketing work of loader and road machinery products and accessories in 2013 was fully deployed. China Longgong Holding Co., Ltd

on January 10, 2013, China Longgong Holdings Co., Ltd. grandly held the 2013 marketing work conference in Songjiang, Shanghai, during which the Longgong loader marketing work conference was held, and the marketing work of loaders, road machinery products and accessories in 2013 was fully deployed

Mr. Qiu Debo, executive director, CEO and President of China Longgong Holdings Co., Ltd., attended the meeting for guidance. In his speech, President Qiu Debo briefly analyzed the current situation of the loader market and the marketing situation of Longgong loaders, introduced the strategic ideas and specific measures of the board of directors and the holding company to strengthen the construction of the loader sector, and enthusiastically encouraged the majority of agents to interact with the main engine plant, continuously improve the level of marketing and after-sales service, truly enhance the ability to resist risks, and ensure the leading position of Longgong loaders in the industry. President Qiu said that Longgong will, as always, fully support the agents to be stable, strong and long-term in terms of R & D and manufacturing of complete machines, production and supply of accessories, the marketing policy of "one place, one policy", and the improvement of fast and convenient service capacity, so as to comprehensively improve the comprehensive competitiveness of Longgong machine in the domestic and foreign markets

Longgong deploys the new strategy of loader marketing in 2013

Mr. luxiangcheng, marketing director of Longgong and general manager of (China) machinery sales company, said when introducing the leadership and division of labor of the sales company that all members of the marketing company will always adhere to the culture of "Longgong family", adhere to the team style of "cooperation, pragmatism, efficiency and probity" as always, and wholeheartedly provide warm and thoughtful services to the majority of agents. In his concluding speech, President Lu emphasized that the current competition in the loader market has gradually transitioned from opportunism to competence and professionalism; "Professional ability" will become the core and key to dominate the future market. We must be determined to comprehensively improve the professional abilities in the following three aspects: first, we should establish and improve the evaluation system of agents and comprehensively improve the professional management ability of agents; Second, we should comprehensively improve the comprehensive operation ability of agents, and strive to improve the ability of marketing planning, risk management and control, post market development, financial operation, resource allocation and other aspects to a new level; Third, we should comprehensively improve the professional ability and business level of marketing company cadres, and further improve the ability of market management and agent business guidance. In his speech, President Lu sincerely hoped that the agents would increase revenue and reduce expenditure, and constantly optimize the profit model; Strengthen risk management and control to maintain the stable and healthy development of enterprises; Pay close attention to market trends, take the initiative to capture market opportunities, achieve efficiency with professionalism, create good results with confidence, and work together with the OEMs in good faith to win the future

Mr. Wang Jingsong, general manager of Fujian Longyan Longgong Machinery Parts Co., Ltd., introduced the overall situation of Longgong parts sales in 2012 at the meeting, put forward the working idea of "overall allocation of regional resources, optimization and integration of regional markets; adjustment of sales assessment policies, and promotion of balanced product development" in 2013, and called on agents to make full use of the huge maintenance space and parts demand platform left by the rapid development of the past decade, Do a solid job in the parts market of Longgong brand, and take advantage of the trend, mutual benefit and win-win

the two new materials akulonpa6 and arnitel thermoplastic polyester newly released by DSM in the Netherlands are the main forces in the development of the food flexible packaging industry in recent years. Mr. Lin Kang, executive deputy general manager of the sales company, said at the meeting that with the convening of the national economic work conference, although the company achieved a revenue of 21.65 billion yuan in 2018, its urbanization construction has been continuously strengthened, Railway projects that have been suspended for more than 10 months have begun to recover, infrastructure construction projects such as new rural construction and high-speed rail have started one after another, and the real estate industry has gradually stabilized; The investment in water conservancy, urban rail transit and other industries has gradually increased, and the domestic construction machinery industry has seen a glimmer of vitality in the face of many difficulties. In the new year, we should overcome difficulties, gradually increase the guidance of credit sales, and establish and improve the evaluation system of agency operation ability; Pay close attention to weak markets in various regions, key customers and regional competitors, and optimize the construction of marketing channels; Pay close attention to the improvement of the profitability of agents, strengthen the adjustment of sales models, control the terminal price, adjust the settlement price and marketing strategy of the whole machine, work with agents to strengthen risk management and control, strive to enhance the advantage of market competition, and continue to achieve good results

Mr. zhongdeyan, deputy general manager of the sales company, put forward the guiding ideology for the new year from the aspects of weak market improvement, key customer marketing of competitive products, product research and development and new product promotion. He said that in 2013, the marketing company will start from the introduction of ideas, and gradually help agents change their traditional ideas and improve their strategic thinking; Through the introduction of various management tools, help agents improve the management ability of middle and senior professional managers; Through the training of optimized process and professional knowledge, we can help agents improve the operational ability of business personnel, and truly take the overall improvement of the overall operational ability of agents as a systematic project, which is implemented in all links such as pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales, as well as in all aspects such as machine management, fund management, risk management and sales management

Mr. dongjianguang, deputy general manager of the sales company, analyzed the market sales of road rollers and other products in 2012, and proposed new year's marketing and new strategies for China's plastic machinery enterprises. Mr. Ding Xiaoqin and Mr. Huang Yueda, assistant general manager, put forward working ideas and made corresponding arrangements for their respective work

the majority of agents said that this meeting made everyone further understand the experimental situation that this kind of experiment can complete a variety of mechanical properties of plywood, particleboard, medium density fiberboard and other plates, and clarified the direction of development in the future; Longgong has specific policies and effective measures from the board of directors, holding companies to all business divisions, subsidiaries and relevant departments. Everyone is more confident in doing a good job in the marketing work in the new year, and is full of confidence in this year's Longgong loader, roller and accessories market

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