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Longgong jumped to the 40th place in the "top 50 global construction machinery"

Longgong jumped to the 40th place in the "top 50 global construction machinery"

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Guide: Recently, the 2007 Top 50 global construction machinery ranking was solemnly released by the national authoritative magazine of the construction machinery industry, "China engineering especially meets rainy days machinery". China Longgong was once again on the list, ranking 40th among the top 50 global construction machinery, up 4 places from the previous year. It is reported that China Engineering Machinery

recently, the "2007 Top 50 list of global construction machinery" was solemnly launched by China Construction machinery, an authoritative magazine in the national construction machinery industry. China Longgong was once again on the list, ranking 40th among the top 50 global construction machinery, up 4 places from the previous year

it is reported that the selection of "global top 50 construction machinery" by China Construction Machinery magazine is based on the total sales of construction machinery of major companies around the world. China Longgong ranked 40th on the list with a total sales volume of 728million US dollars

in addition, the magazine also makes sub ranking on indexes such as the growth rate of total sales. China Longgong's total sales increased by 52.94% over the same period last year, ranking fifth among the "global top 50" in terms of sales growth, nearly 30 percentage points higher than the average growth rate of 22.99% of the "top 50"

the steady rise in performance stems from the solid promotion of Longgong's "second round entrepreneurship" development strategy. In 2007, China Longgong insisted on "limited and diversified development with construction machinery as the core" and continued to expand and improve the industrial chain. This year, the company successfully launched dozens of new products of loaders and rollers, which greatly enhanced the competitiveness of the company's traditional advantageous business; Forklifts and excavators have also formed a series of products and began to enter the market. In that year, the sales of forklifts exceeded 1000 and began to occupy a place in the field of logistics machinery; Through the acquisition of Henan Baiyun Electromechanical, Henan Longgong was established and officially set foot in agricultural machinery. The technological transformation and expansion in Shanghai, Fujian, Jiangxi and Henan have laid a solid foundation for the long-term and steady development of Longgong

in 2007, China Longgong invested 233.55 million yuan in technology research and development, accounting for 4.4% of the sales revenue of the year, which greatly met the needs of the company for new resources, new technologies and new processes in the process of investment, production and technological transformation; At the same time, the manufacturing capacity of parts and components has also been significantly strengthened. The quality and output of gearbox, drive axle, hydraulic cylinder, gear, pipeline and many other parts have been greatly improved. The vertical integration strategy has been continuously implemented, which not only effectively controls the parts and components link, strengthens the supervision cost of the publishing industry, but also improves the product quality

in terms of marketing, by strengthening the construction of distribution and after-sales service network, we encourage and support agents to become bigger and stronger, providing a convenient platform for new products to integrate into the market; Establishing financial leasing companies, changing the sales model, effectively controlling the risk of credit sales and promoting product sales; It has also established and improved sales and service networks in Russia, the Middle East, Australia, Africa and other places. In 2007, the export of products increased by 295.97%, realizing the leapfrog development of overseas markets

in the face of achievements and honors, dragon workers are always calm and modest. Long Gongren felt that although the enterprise set a record high in product research and development, boutique building, market expansion and profitability improvement in 2007, they were well aware of the gap between themselves and international construction machinery giants. Longgong workers will unswervingly follow the policy of "international positioning and leapfrog development", promote the future with efficiency by relying on major talent introduction projects such as Taishan industrial leading talent project and the double hundred foreign experts plan, strive to realize the strategic leap from "Chinese famous brand" to "international famous brand", and actively contribute to the progress and development of world construction machinery

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