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Beijing realizes the whole process mechanization of lettuce production

recently, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Agriculture held the whole process mechanization technology of leaf vegetables (lettuce) production in northern China and the field day of Beijing Agricultural machinery promotion in yujiajia Township, Tongzhou District. With the theme of "the whole process mechanization of lettuce production", the activity demonstrated on-site the key links of the whole process mechanization of lettuce production through operation demonstration, machine display, etc., focusing on the demonstration and promotion of advanced and applicable agricultural mechanization technologies such as ridging, transplanting, harvesting, etc., and intensively showed that the production links of lettuce such as sowing and seedling raising, land preparation and fertilization, ridging, transplanting, field management, harvesting, residual leaf waste treatment, etc. can be replicated Popularized full mechanized solutions and key equipment

it is reported that at present, all links of lettuce production are basically mechanized except harvest. Most lettuce harvests in Beijing are harvested manually, and few are harvested mechanically. The lettuce harvester manufacturers are almost blank in China, and there are relatively mature models abroad. In order to harvest lettuce mechanically, it is necessary to plant it with the harvester used in the link of shifting torque measurement relative error planting, so as to form a standard mechanized planting mode

in order to speed up the development of Beijing's urban modern agriculture, instrument operators should carefully browse the protection and maintenance of the hydraulic universal experimental machine, and strive to solve the problem of mechanization in the whole process of lettuce production. Beijing Agricultural machinery test, identification and promotion station actively strengthens the docking with parks and enterprises, focuses on the introduction of lettuce harvesters, and carries out the demonstration of the harvesting of heading lettuce and loose leaf lettuce. Through this field day activity, we will widely publicize and promote advanced new agricultural mechanization technologies and new machines and tools, and increase farmers' awareness of new agricultural machinery

it is understood that the Department of agricultural mechanization of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas, the Agricultural Machinery Extension Station and identification station of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas, relevant experts of Nanjing Institute of agricultural mechanization of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas, Beijing Municipal Bureau of agriculture, experts of the leaf vegetable innovation team of the Beijing innovation team and relevant principals of field schools, some experts of the fruit vegetable team of the Beijing innovation team, representatives of Tianjin and Hebei after the agricultural machinery identification, promotion and feeding, and some provinces and cities, Relevant principals of agricultural machinery promotion stations in all districts of Beijing 1 The pulley on the toothed rod and its track were excessively dusty and rusted, and participated in the field day activity

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