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Beijing Hollysys automation Drive Technology Co., Ltd. Nanjing office moved to a new address

due to the needs of the company's development and business expansion, Beijing Hollysys automation Drive Technology Co., Ltd. Nanjing Office officially moved in mid July 2008. The new address of Nanjing Office and the contact information of relevant PLC business are hereby informed as follows:

Office Address: room 2403, West Fuxin international building, No. 359 Hongwu Road, Nanjing

contact person: Li Jianhua




if you need to further understand the company's products from the perspective of use effect or cost, please call or visit the company's station. For the main machine of the electronic universal experimental machine, our company produces the experimental machine after years of running in, which consists of four guide columns, upper beams, middle beams The workbench is composed of a floor frame. The contact information is as follows:

technical support:

training has become the fastest-growing emerging industry service in the city:

Technical Service email: plc@

Hollysys company station:

thank you for your trust and support for the PLC business of Hollysys company

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