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LonWorks network technology has been approved as iso/iec international standard

lonmark International Association, as a non-profit industry organization promoting international standardization, has been committed to developing and promoting the development of LonWorks control network technology for many years. Today, we announced that the Joint Technical Committee (jtc01) organized by the international organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Association (EIA) has voted to officially approve LonWorks control network technology as the international standard iso/iec14908, parts1, 2, 3, 4

LonWorks control network technology came out in 1990. After years of development, it has become a technology widely used in the field of global control and communication, and has been approved as a regional or national standard by Europe, the United States and China. Other experts now believe that the hydrolysis of amide bonds in nylon is an inverse reaction to the simplified synthesis of nylon. Iso/iec international organization has approved this standard as the highest level international standard

the approval of this standard will further promote the application and development of LonWorks Technology in the field of global control, especially in the field of building control. The technology is also widely used in other fields, including outdoor lighting, transportation, utilities, process control and home automation. More than 100 million equipment have been used in buildings or building related projects around the world

Mr. Jamie Roberts, chief engineer of lonmark International Association, said: "LonWorks technology has been officially approved as an international standard by iso/iec, which further proves the widespread and in-depth development of this technology. This technology has been approved as a regional or national standard by Europe, the United States and China, and now it is inevitable to be approved by higher international organizations. This also paves the way for the development of this technology in other countries, because there is no need to repeat the standardized process of long service life in these countries."

the four parts of the approved standard are: core agreement; Twisted pair free topology transmission medium; Power line transmission medium and tunnel transmission medium applied to IP

Mr. Ron Bernstein, executive chairman of lonmark International Association, said: "This is an exciting news in the control industry, which once again proves the universality and legitimacy of the promotion and application of LonWorks Technology in the world, and paves the way for its further development. At present, LonWorks network technology has been applied to all aspects of building monitoring and automation, as well as transportation, home automation and other industrial fields. We are very pleased with our efforts to standardize this technology over the years In order to make contributions to our members and the market, we hope to take this opportunity to establish a real and open interoperability control network for all end users. "

lonmark International Association plans to hold the iso/iec standard press conference and technical interview during the ahrexpo exhibition in Chicago on January 27, 2009. The on-site research tensile machine 1 must eliminate the initial force and then hold the extension discussion. Interested people can learn more about the activities and relevant standards from lonmark station, which also has other articles discussing LonWorks technology and iso/iec standards

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