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Longhai glass held the signing ceremony of "tutor and apprentice" in 2019. On July 24, the signing ceremony of "tutor and apprentice" in 2019 was grandly held in Longhai glass conference room. Sun Junke, deputy secretary of the general Party branch and chairman of the labor union of Longhai glass, presided over the signing ceremony and delivered a speech. Chen Jing, deputy secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the labor union of Luobo group, and Wang Guoqiang, Secretary of the Party committee and deputy general manager of the company, attended the signing ceremony and delivered a speech

sun Junke said in his speech that Longhai glass information display substrate glass production line uses a large number of new technologies, new processes, new equipment and new materials. In order to skillfully control and master the production line with high intelligence, high automation, green environmental protection and energy conservation, sophisticated and advanced equipment, it is necessary to create an industrial staff team with excellent quality, excellent style and exquisite technology. The activity of "tutor leading apprentice" aims to teach the tutor's technology and skills to the apprentices through "passing on, helping and leading", so as to promote the overall quality and professional technical level of Longhai glass to a new level

in the "tutor and apprentice" activity of Longhai glass, 16 masters and 20 apprentices formed a mentoring relationship. At the signing ceremony, 12 pairs signed the "tutor and apprentice agreement"

learn from each other, share resources and promote development. On behalf of the master, sun Weizheng, the "national technical expert", promised the apprentice that he would impart his professional and technical expertise, accumulated work experience and methods of dealing with difficult problems he had accumulated in his work unreservedly to the apprentice, so that the main purpose was to select materials for the use of the project

the master leads in and cultivates himself. Representative of panyaqi, a college student from the Department of mechanical and electrical activity "This kind of combination can be used to create new visual and tactile component characteristics for thermoplastic composites in a single process step. The apprentice promised the master that in the future work, he should study carefully, ask for advice with an open mind, be not ashamed of asking questions, and learn thoroughly and accurately the methods and skills taught by the tutor, so as to never live up to the expectations of the tutor.

after the signing ceremony, Wang Guoqiang, Secretary of the Party committee and deputy general manager of the company, said to" tutor leads apprentice " The activity was fully affirmed. He pointed out that the "tutor and apprentice" activity is an important means for grass-roots units to carry out on-the-job training and on-the-job training. It not only meets the talent needs of young employees, but also can effectively alleviate the tension of the company's front-line talent resources in technology, management and production. It is one of the effective ways to achieve the echelon development of talent teams. He demanded that we should clarify our goals and promote the high-quality implementation of the "mentoring and apprenticeship" activity; We should publicize and guide, strictly manage and strictly assess, and promote the normalization, long-term and orderly development of the "mentor and apprentice" activities

talents are the key to the development of enterprises. Chen Jing, deputy secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the labor union of Lobo group, fully affirmed the positive contributions made by the "mentor and apprentice" activity from scratch in the company's production and operation practice, transformation and upgrading development, new product research and development, transformation of technological achievements, technological innovation and other aspects. It puts forward new hopes and requirements for the implementation of the "mentoring and apprenticeship" activity. First, do a good job of "passing on, helping and leading" with true feelings. The purpose of carrying out the "mentoring and apprenticeship" activities among employees in front-line positions and key positions is to give full play to the talent effect and enhance the stamina of enterprise development. It is a major arrangement and deployment made by the company to comprehensively improve the quality, technology and skill level of employees. As a master, we should give all our experience and technical expertise to young employees, so that they can be better qualified for their jobs and continue to grow; As an apprentice, we must seize the opportunity, study and practice hard, and master skills and methods. Second, strict management and standardized management. Check, summarize and evaluate according to their respective learning plans, contents and goals. Third, actively explore their own methods and paths, innovate the forms of activities, complement each other and enhance the effect of the activities, cultivate a large number of young backbones in the activities, and contribute their wisdom and strength to the high-quality development of Lobo

a total of 36 people attended the meeting, including Li mengkun, vice chairman of the company's labor union and head of the party and Mass Work Department, workers of the labor union of Lobo group and Lobo shares, members of the Longhai glass team, members of mentors and apprentices, and representatives of members of the innovation studio

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