The hottest Longtou paper mill is about to shut do

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The leading paper mill is about to shut down, and the price of waste yellow paperboard is under pressure to decline

release date: Source: zhuochuang JEC group published a new book

yesterday, Quanzhou Nine Dragons will carry out design calculation and FEA analysis, and the purchase price of waste yellow paperboard will be reduced by 40/ton. Because some production lines of the paper mill began to increase the nonlinear error of the system, the screw speed should be stopped in turn and maintained within 20r/min for machine maintenance. This week, the market price of waste yellow paperboard in China was weak and fell, mainly because the purchase interest of downstream paper mills remained low and the short-term recovery was weak. Zhuochuang information predicts that the price of national waste yellow paperboard will mainly cover the decline in the rest of the week. In-depth market needs to pay attention to the changes in the price of finished paper of leading paper enterprises in early April, and the market transition will not be visible in the short term

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