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In the display design of clothing franchise stores, in order to achieve good results, in addition to lighting, decoration, props and other factors, there is another key element, which is color. The feeling of color is the strongest. Therefore, it is essential to fully study and properly use color in store planning, which can often win by surprise

first, the function of color

helps complete the whole idea plan

express the designer's idea and the style of clothing stores

coordinate the atmosphere of the whole clothing store

it has the function of integrating and sorting out the overall design to make it consistent

has the function of distinguishing different contents and purposes

the color of goods depends on its solid color and the influence of light source. Therefore, the color of goods also has a great relationship with lighting.

second, the role of color

1, the emotional role of hue

different colors will make people feel different, warm colors will produce feelings such as enthusiasm, brightness and liveliness, and cold colors will make people feel calm, quiet, stable and negative

in addition, as far as the use habits of colors are concerned, some colors have a warm and cheerful atmosphere, while others are negative and indifferent. These will vary due to different customs and habits, so we should also pay attention to and make use of them when making color plans

2. The emotional function of lightness

the color with high lightness is bright color, which will appear lively, light and bright, while the color with low lightness is dark color, which makes people feel calm and steady. When matching colors, they should be reasonably used according to the purpose of display

3. The emotional role of purity

purity is the saturation of color. The difference of purity will cause different feelings of simplicity or magnificence. Generally, low purity colors will produce a sense of simplicity and elegant style, and vice versa, it will feel gorgeous and warm

third, the creation of atmosphere by color

color design first serves the creation of store atmosphere, and color can do this because of its perceptual characteristics and rich expressions

people are very sensitive to color. In shopping malls, the main feelings of color are:

1, sense of volume and weight

gorgeous or deep colors can strengthen the sense of volume and weight of shopping malls. If you make 1/3 of the walls have thick colors, it will be stable and dignified, which is more suitable for dignified and serious clothing and jewelry malls

a stable sense of color can make customers feel at ease, but it should be noted that the color of the ceiling, wall and floor should be matched with the intensity, so that the store will appear vibrant and will not make people feel depressed. It is decorated with colors with a sense of volume and weight, which is suitable for men's clothing franchise stores

2. Excitement

the dark color of the warm color system is one of the reasons for the excitement. For example, the red tablecloth and wall will make the store look warm and exciting, so as to stimulate the enthusiasm of customers and enable them to shop quickly. However, the same color is not suitable for general stores

3. Tranquility

in order to make the store present a tranquil atmosphere and prolong the stay time of customers, you should choose a neutral color that is cooler or a color with low or medium chromaticity in the warm color system

In addition, the symbolism of color can also be used to express a specific meaning

IV. color matching skills

the so-called color matching refers to the organic combination of different colors in order to achieve the overall unity during commodity display, so that the colors with contrast or lack of coordination can be unified in one basic tone to achieve the purpose of harmony and consistency

when carrying out color combination, it is generally necessary to consider the following issues:

when the same color system or similar color combination, it will produce the impression of good quality and elegant style

the combination of complementary colors will form an obvious contrast, so it is often necessary to add other transition colors to make the contrast relatively weak and acceptable

when combining similar colors, in order to make them change and not too rigid, a small amount of complementary colors can be added, but to ensure that the overall sense is not destroyed, so that the impression will tend to be strong

color combination should reflect the smooth transition of hue, lightness and chroma, and show a certain rhythm and rhythm in stability

in addition, the decorative colors in clothing franchise stores must avoid using multiple colors at the same time, especially the main color should not exceed three colors, so as not to be disordered and destroy the effect of the dominant color. It is also necessary to avoid using high-color colors in a large area, so as not to make customers feel repellent





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