The development of 4P marketing theory in wardrobe

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The development of wardrobe enterprises should follow the market law of 4P marketing theory. The development of any enterprise needs to follow a certain market law. In the overall wardrobe Market facing serious homogenization, most of the response measures taken by leading enterprises in the industry are usually concentrated on the 4P marketing theory because of the continuous white hot competition. What is 4P? Generally speaking, it refers to the complete marketing behavior that successfully realizes the enterprise's marketing objectives, which needs to be successfully combined with the appropriate product, price, place and promotion means


it is crucial for the deep cultivation of the current market to produce and develop appropriate products. Without suitable products, even in terms of price, channel, or promotion means, it may be difficult to achieve satisfactory results. Each product should be optimized and adjusted to varying degrees in terms of materials, processes and design according to the needs of the market, so as to maximize product development and production efficiency, and make products suitable for the needs of market consumers


for different markets, implement differentiated pricing. In the case of inconsistent demand in the first, second and third tier cities, we should reasonably arrange products at different prices and form a product portfolio with different gradients with products at appropriate prices, so as to meet the consumption demand of the local market. For example, in the front-line market, the display of terminal stores is mainly high-end and fashionable products; In the second tier market, the product structure is realized by half matching the middle and high end; In the third tier market, a large area of mid-range products are displayed, together with oneortwo relatively high-end products. Through this gradient combination of product grade and price, the goal of targeting the target population can be achieved


usually we pay attention to innovative channels, but we can't ignore traditional channels. Among them, the terminal channel is the fundamental carrier of brands and products, through which to shape the influence and cultural identity of brands in the hearts of ordinary people. In terms of channel innovation, establishing and cultivating a number of professional talent teams is the most critical. The purpose is to better provide real estate developers and decoration companies with pre service of hardbound design and hardbound supporting services, complete high-end hardbound supporting services with the lowest cost and extraordinary efficiency, create a brand image through the optimized services of professional talent teams, and complement traditional channels and innovative channels

means of communication, marketing and promotion:

in different development periods, enterprises must first understand their mission: what can be done and what cannot be done. At present, the common problem in the development of home furnishing industry is the lack of systematic service ability and high-quality training team. With everyone's cognition and identification, they are gradually growing. At this stage, the marketing promotion strategy must not be greedy for perfection. We should strive to provide good service to every store, do more solid basic work, and actually cooperate with stores and dealers to implement relevant systematic training

secondly, enterprises should try new online media and establish cooperative relations with some well-known local and industrial media. Through these measures, the brand's popularity and reputation will be rapidly improved

an enterprise that does not build a service-oriented brand will have no long-term vitality. In the fierce competition, it must be your service-oriented brand that ultimately determines your victory. As the wardrobe industry becomes more and more mature, when there is no great difference in products between enterprises, service is the new direction of competition, and first-class service is competitive




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