Three main differences between the most popular cl

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Three main differences between cloud printing and traditional printing

cloud i3 Motor (MP (2) type AI (7) 13550 watt 3-phase 380 volt 50 Hz 1400 RPM/phased single head NK "> printing takes individuals and small and micro enterprises as its main customer groups. It has obvious competitive advantages in the medium and high-end printing field of small and medium-sized batches. According to insiders,

there are three main differences between cloud printing and traditional printing:

first, traditional printing mainly focuses on businesses with large batches and small categories, while cloud printing tends to do personalized printing;

second, traditional printing Printing is a capital intensive and labor-intensive industry, while cloud printing has substantially reduced the overall use of labor through the overall use of computer software technology and offline

third, traditional printing has become an important way to actively take effective measures to receive orders through the communication between salespersons and customers, while cloud printing has greatly improved the sales efficiency by receiving orders through networking

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