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The current market environment is extremely competitive, especially in industries with low technical barriers. In order to survive and win in the competition, we must cooperate with upstream and downstream suppliers, distributors and retailers to reduce product costs in all links of the supply chain and reduce the final price of products in the terminal market, so as to obtain a dominant position in the market. Successful supply chain management can obviously enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. Supply chain management has been a competitive strategy that concerns the survival of enterprises

now that the importance of supply chain management is well known, sometimes, even if enterprises have invested huge capital and energy in this area, they will still suffer from the market pressure and suppliers, resulting in huge losses. So where is the main manifestation of improper supply chain management? The author will make an in-depth analysis from the following aspects

I. improper supply chain planning and design

1. operation mode

the supply chain has many operation modes, such as integrated supply chain and extreme supply chain. Enterprises must choose the appropriate operation mode according to their own characteristics. For example, an enterprise's product market demand and model are stable, and it is bound to increase product costs and reduce competitiveness by sticking to the stereotype of choosing the extreme supply chain mode and blindly pursuing the response speed of the supply chain rather than the optimization of the supply chain. In addition, enterprises must select appropriate methods such as supplier inventory management and joint inventory management according to the characteristics of their supply chain

2. supply chain selection

an excellent supply chain must be an efficient, stable, cooperative and win-win chain. When selecting suppliers and suppliers, enterprises should consider long-term interests, strive to establish a trust, cooperation and win-win supply chain, and defeat competitors with excellent supply chain. At present, some enterprises only pay attention to short-term interests, ignore the stability of the supply chain, and frequently change suppliers to maximize short-term interests. Once the market environment deteriorates, these enterprises will be punished by such penalties as supply chain disruption, resulting in heavy losses and even enterprise bankruptcy

3. logistics mode

the logistics modes of enterprises include self operated logistics, third-party logistics, fourth party logistics, etc. If there is error in the pressure testing machine, it will seriously affect the measurement results. If it is serious, it will bring a certain economic loss. Therefore, eliminating the error of the pressure testing machine can not but arouse everyone's attention It is worth mentioning that the error of the pressure testing machine is mainly caused by the incorrect installation of the pressure testing machine. However, if the refrigeration system of the selected test box is small or caused by friction, the error should be eliminated. Measures should be taken mainly for the two aspects that more than half of the basements have obvious leakage symptoms The following is to introduce a method to eliminate the error of pressure testing machine China's geographical conditions, local protectionism, scarce third-party services and lack of commercial laws have all brought great challenges to the choice of logistics mode for enterprises. Improper logistics mode will reduce the core competitiveness of enterprises and increase logistics costs

4. the first research on scale effect for the future is to launch the innovative plasticization concept energizer should

the supply chain is such a whole. It links suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, etc. in one chain and optimizes them, so that enterprises and related enterprises form a comprehensive network. As a system, coordination and cooperation between the whole system will produce "1 + 1>2" scale effect. On the contrary, improper supply chain relationship management will produce "1 + 1"

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