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Three links in preprint production to significantly control losses and increase profits

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core tip: Introduction: carton manufacturers are actively looking for convenient ways to reduce costs. Obviously, whoever can achieve breakthroughs in technology and process and find a better way to save costs will be able to

introduction: carton manufacturers are actively looking for convenient ways to reduce costs. It is obvious that whoever can make breakthroughs in technology and process and find a better way to save costs will gain more market space. In the daily preprint production, there are frequent cases of waste of energy and raw materials due to improper production process control. Therefore, scientifically and reasonably controlling the preprint production process is also a major channel to indirectly increase the profits of enterprises

1. Paper distribution: corrugated paper with similar moisture content is matched with box board paper

if there is no effective technical control during the production and operation of the single-sided machine, paper distribution is carried out blindly, and the box board paper with obvious moisture content difference is matched with corrugated paper. On the one hand, the processed formed corrugated paper is prone to warpage and poor hardness; On the other hand, due to warpage, the theoretical cycle life of lithium titanate battery is greatly reduced. When the corrugated board is mounted with the face paper, it is prone to foaming, degumming and other quality problems, resulting in poor product quality and increased loss rate

therefore, when the single-sided machine production line is preparing paper, the moisture content of corrugated paper and box board shall be tested, and the corrugated paper with similar moisture content shall be matched with box board to make the processed formed corrugated board have high hardness and good flatness; In this way, when entering the next August process, which fell to 17706.64 yuan/ton, the material consumption of semi-finished products is low and the processing quality of semi-finished products is good

2. Mounting: for the surface paper with poor flatness, hard material and calendered, the normal operation of the machine can be guaranteed only when the sheet is arranged to be covered automatically. After the surface paper of the carton is preprinted and printed, the mounting of the corrugated board can be completed through the covering machine. As the overlaying machine has many kinds of structures, the production performance of different overlaying machines is different, and the production effect is also obviously different

if the surface paper with poor flatness, hard material and calendered is arranged to be mounted on a manually operated overlaying machine, it is prone to quality accidents such as foaming and degumming, resulting in an increase in the scrap rate

when arranging production, this kind of tissue paper should be arranged on the automatic overlayer for mounting, which can not only effectively reduce production consumption, but also better ensure product quality

3. Trimming: printing, mounting and die cutting are carried out in the way of splicing large format, which can save the trimming amount.

the uneven paper edges or adjacent paper edges of the pre printed corrugated boxes should be cut off through the die cutting process, so as to ensure the appearance quality of the finished products. For a large number of cartons with special specifications, customized base paper is generally used for production. The size of customized base paper is directly related to production consumption and production cost. Therefore, it is better to print in a large format if there are equipment conditions and it is possible to print in multiple versions

for example, the expanded width of a single carton is 1200mm × 530mm, the 530mm page can be spliced into two pages for printing, and then the overlaying machine and die-cutting machine with extra large size are used for mounting and die-cutting respectively, and at least 1200mm can be omitted for each page × Trimming amount of 3mm area

in addition, the paper edge trimming amount of semi-finished products is reduced to 3mm on the basis of 6mm, and 1200mm can be saved × Trimming amount of 3mm area

in addition, there is no need to repair the paper edge of the overlapping tongue of the carton. In this way, for a large number of cartons, the direct or indirect consumption reduction effect is a very considerable profit for the enterprise

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