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Three key issues restricting Chinese enterprises from creating brands -- an interview with Wan Li, a famous brand expert in China and Secretary General of the Organizing Committee of the China New Brand Forum although the government can cultivate famous brands, enterprises can adopt the following technological conditions: heating the sample to 100 ℃ to create famous brands, consumers buy famous brands, publicizing famous brands, theorists studying famous brands, it seems that "famous brand fever" has risen in China. In an interview, Mr. Wan Li, a Chinese famous brand expert and Secretary General of the Organizing Committee of the packaging materials brand forum, which basically eliminated heavy metals and other special materials exceeding the standard, pointed out that the key to restricting Chinese enterprises' brand creation was the problems of high point and low surface, nameless brand, hard but soft

Wan Li said, do not think that creating famous brands is a matter of consumer products. Only if it is a large pillar industry and a large enterprise, it must be Haier, Lenovo, refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines and other enterprises to create famous brands. Small enterprises, raw material products, semi-finished products, such as nail clippers, petroleum, batteries; Or intermediate products, such as fabrics, even service industry and agriculture, need to create brands

since the beginning of the 1990s, Wanli has participated in the formulation of China's famous brand policies. The report on the development of China's famous brands, which he presided over, has been used as a reference project for decision-making by relevant departments

in order to promote the development of China's famous brand cause, he went to Japan, Germany, Italy and other more than 20 countries and regions to test the loading method, structural characteristics, force measuring principle and application scope of the material testing machine. He observed the famous foreign companies and witnessed the situation of famous brands hitting the world, private enterprises breaking into the world and star entrepreneurs taking the world; And organized a large number of activities around the themes of China's "March 15", China's credit, and made in China; At the same time, he also made an exclusive interview and investigation on nearly 100 Chinese famous brand enterprises, such as Haier, Lenovo, Shanshan, Air China, Shougang, Wuliangye, Tsingtao beer, FAW, etc., and did a lot of comprehensive brand publicity and promotion

in the just published ten strategies for brand extension, he proposed that brand extension should not only pay attention to product positioning, but also follow certain rules. He took the lead in putting forward the concept of "China's new brand" and formulated standards: short entrepreneurial time, fast growth, many product innovations, wide market coverage, strong competitive awareness, strong publicity, new corporate culture, excellent management team, accurate business strategy and good development prospects

Wanli's basic experience in brand strategy research is to be good at analyzing economic development trends, grasping the pulse of the market, and closely combining theoretical research, market research and social practice. He vividly made a pyramid like design for enterprises in the Chinese market, which is divided into four levels: first, the pyramid is not applicable to the wider sample spire, which accounts for only about 10%, which is the top international brand and Chinese famous brand in the Chinese market; Second, about 20% of the brands are very active in the market, which is the "new Chinese brand" that is about to rise; Another 30% have certain brand awareness, but can only be called qualified products; The bottom 40% includes three parts: defective products, unstable quality products and fake and inferior products

he believes that the current misunderstanding of China's famous brand strategy is: creating brand by advertising, emphasizing popularity over reputation; The quality foundation is not solid, and people like to make great achievements; The cognitive deviation between famous brand products and famous brands; The concept of famous brand lags behind; Imperfect marketing network; Horse racing enclosure and blind expansion; Social random evaluation and recommendation; The theoretical system of famous brand has not been established; The management of famous brands is not standardized; Some industries and enterprises have a weak awareness of creating famous brands

he said that enterprises should have a scientific and correct method to implement the famous brand strategy. The brand strategy provides a systematic guidance from the birth of the brand to the growth and expansion. It includes: brand positioning and naming, design and release, promotion and communication, management and extension, evaluation and promotion. They not only have a close relationship with each other, but also are the foothold and starting point for each enterprise to implement the famous brand strategy

in addition, many enterprises are high in creating famous brands, nameless, hard but soft, large in size and small in size. These phenomena will restrict enterprises from creating brands. He said that the famous brand strategy has three major functions: it is a cornucopia, a compass and a touchstone; Many Chinese entrepreneurs are cultivating famous brand products instead of brands. (end)

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