Three links to control the cost of corrugated cart

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Three links to control the cost of corrugated boxes

the domestic corrugated box market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and product price is the main means of competition. How to seek greater profits in the small profit space and how to reasonably reduce the production cost of carton enterprises have become the key. The spontaneous activity of "reducing the production cost of corrugated boxes" has been widely carried out. In fact, as long as some subtle links in the production process are solved, the cost of corrugated boxes can be effectively reduced

printing link

how to keep the color of corrugated board ink printing consistent and the position accurate, so as to reduce the scrap rate, is a topic of common concern to carton enterprises. The main reasons for the inconsistency of printing color depth and "off version" are the poor control of ink viscosity; Ink transfer status is not stable; The paper feeding status is unstable; Poor flatness of paperboard, etc. To keep the color of corrugated board ink printing consistent and the position accurate, the following points must be achieved:

keep the ink viscosity stable. Ink viscosity is the main index to be controlled in corrugated board printing. It is one of the main factors affecting the printing color. Due to the volatilization of ink solvent in the printing process, its viscosity will increase. In order to maintain the stability of ink viscosity, ink stabilizer should be added every 0.5 ~ 1 hour, with the amount of 1% ~ 2%

maintain stable ink transfer. Because the printing speed is related to the ink transfer state, the tightening movement of the spring is balanced and stable to maintain the printing speed, and cannot be fast or slow. It is also necessary to keep the paper passing evenly, and the paper feeding between sheets shall not occur. Only in this way can the stability of ink printing color play an important role

keep the paper feeding state stable. In addition to the stable running speed of the printing machine, the landing point of manual paper feeding shall be fixed. The paperboard with poor flatness shall be properly handled, such as reverse folding along one side (or both sides) of the transverse pressing line of the paperboard; Press by hand, etc. The paper guide clearance should be consistent, which is an important link related to maintaining the stable operation of the paperboard, and also an important method to solve the phenomenon of "running board"

keep the printing equipment in good condition. It is important to keep the cylinder plate clean, which is directly related to the printing effect. Because the roller is related to the ink transfer performance, the printing plate is related to the clarity of printed words and patterns

die cutting link

with the continuous enrichment of carton printing process and the continuous improvement of processing speed, more and more problems are exposed in the die cutting process. Reasonable control of the production of waste products in the die-cutting process has become another important link in "reducing the production cost of corrugated boxes"

solve the problem that the die-cutting precision is not high or the die-cutting indentation position is not accurate.

the position of the die-cutting indentation line is inconsistent with the position of the printed product. The reasons for this failure are as follows:

⑴ there is an error in the manufacturing process of the die-cutting blade itself, which cannot absolutely achieve the ideal die-cutting indentation position. At present, there are mainly two methods for making die-cutting knife plate, i.e. manual plate making and laser plate making. Laser plate making precision is relatively high. The design and cutting are completed by computer and machinery. It is suitable for die cutting of medium and high-grade packaging. Manual plate making requires high technical level of plate makers, and the plate making machine is affected by many factors such as technical level and experience of plate makers, which is suitable for medium and short plate packaging with low accuracy requirements. Therefore, in order to get a good die-cutting precision, we must choose the advanced plate making method

⑵ the rules of the cardboard mouth are different. All die-cutting machines themselves will produce precision errors. To improve the precision of die-cutting indentation, we must choose high-precision die-cutting machines. If the specification error of the cardboard mouth is large, it may be that the rear positioning (also known as secondary positioning) toggle distance of the die-cutting machine is too small, which can be solved by adjusting the rear positioning and increasing the rear positioning toggle distance

⑶ the die-cutting indentation and the printing grid are not aligned. The solution is to re calibrate the die-cutting plate according to the product requirements. In addition to aligning the printing and die-cutting indentation grid, it can also be corrected by adjusting the paper conveying side positioning rules or the front positioning rules to align the die-cutting indentation with the printing grid

⑷ different working environment between die-cutting indentation and printing will cause deformation or stretching of paperboard fiber, and will also make die-cutting indentation inaccurate. It shall be ensured that the maintenance personnel of the tensile testing machine for die cutting and indentation to ensure the working environment operate and take care of the speed control and displacement control principles are basically similar (i.e. the same temperature, humidity, etc.)

solve the problem that the "dark line" or "burst line" indentation line is not clear

"dark line" refers to the unnecessary indentation line; "Burst line" refers to that the pressure of die-cutting indentation is too large, which exceeds the bearing limit of paperboard fiber, making the paperboard fiber broken or partially broken. The causes of this failure, such as seamless steel pipe, stainless steel plate and stainless steel strip, are as follows:

improper selection of indentation line and indentation die. The model and height of the indentation line can be selected as follows:

when cutting corrugated paper:

the groove depth of the indentation die = the real-time paper thickness of the corrugated paper

the groove width of the indentation die =2 times the paper thickness of the corrugated paper + the thickness of the indentation line

the height of the indentation line = the height of the die-cutting knife - the real-time paper thickness of the corrugated paper

the pressure of the molding machine is improperly adjusted. The pressure regulating mechanism of the die-cutting machine shall be adjusted to properly adjust the pressure of the die-cutting machine

the thickness of the adhesive paper on the fixed base plate is not accurate. Because the paper pad is too low or too high, the adjustment method is to re pad the paper

the paper is too poor or the water content of the paper is too low. The increase of paper brittleness and the decrease of paper toughness will also lead to wire burst, which can be solved by increasing the ambient temperature

solve the problem of irregular indentation line

the reason for this fault is:

improper selection of the groove width of the indentation die. The groove width of the indentation die can be re selected according to the above method

the seam on the die-cutting blade plate is too wide, and the indentation line is twisted under the pressure of the die-cutting indentation. The solution is to replace the knife plate and use the qualified die cutting indentation knife plate

to solve the cracking of the cardboard crease when folding the paste box

when folding the paste box, if the outside of the cardboard indentation line cracks, it is caused by the too deep indentation line or the insufficient width of the indentation die; If the inner side of the paperboard is cracked, it is because the die-cutting indentation pressure is too large to cause the paper fiber to break. The solution is to appropriately reduce the pressure of the die-cutting machine, use a slightly lower indentation line, or widen the indentation line according to the paperboard thickness

solve the problem of die-cutting loose plates

loose plates caused by die-cutting are mainly related to the plate making process and the ejection of adhesive strips (or sponge). The fault causes are as follows:

die cutting has small connection points and few connection points. If the shape of live parts is complex or there are many live parts arranged, and the die-cutting connection points are small and few, it is easy to cause scattered version during die-cutting. The number of connecting points shall be appropriately increased; In addition, when making plates, try to keep the length direction of the printed matter consistent with the paper transmission direction

the hardness of the sponge strip pasted on the die-cutting plate is small. Sponge is too soft, you can not make the paper smoothly from the die-cutting knife or indentation line, resulting in a loose version. It should be replaced with high-quality sponge strips with high hardness and good elasticity

with the development of packaging and printing technology, the commodity packaging with bright colors, generous design, clear lines, smoothness, no line explosion, no color explosion, no fuzzing and no paper dust will be more favored by users


in "reducing the production cost of corrugated boxes", it is also very important for carton enterprises to keep the finished cartons to achieve a good moisture-proof effect. In addition to using some size improvers and additives, other factors should also be noted. In the process of storage, how to solve the moisture-proof problem of cartons:

the cardboard just coming down from the production line should be blown in time along the corrugated direction for heat dissipation, so that it can be cooled and finalized

when stacking the corrugated board, it should be stacked on the front and back sides (10 ~ 20 pieces on each side is appropriate), the height should be appropriate, and a certain amount of pressure should be applied on the top to make the corrugated board flat without deformation

the warehouse for storage shall be high in terrain, with smooth drainage and good ventilation around to facilitate air convection

when storing open or in the open air, it must be covered with plastic film, padded with sleepers, and the height from the ground should be greater than 150mm. It should be covered with tarpaulin to prevent rain from wetting

it is strictly forbidden to sit, lie down or apply heavy objects on the corrugated board to prevent the occurrence of corrugation. (end)

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