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The "three levels" of enterprise informatization planning

with the continuous progress of science and technology, the role of it is also changing. For those information intensive industries, such as telecommunications, banking, insurance and the entry insurance industry of Alcoa micromillr, it has risen from the role of pure technical support in the past to the role of influencing and determining the company's strategy. In some traditional industries, such as transportation, manufacturing, retail and energy, the leading companies are also the leading companies in it construction, both at home and abroad. Their common ground is to establish competitive advantages through technological innovation. Major international companies such as Wal Mart, UPS, American Airlines, Dell and BP are all it technology innovators in this industry; China Merchants Bank in China is also a good example of an it oriented technology innovation company. Therefore, making a good it plan is one of the keys for enterprises to obtain sustainable competitive advantage

generally speaking, the company's IT planning can be divided into three levels: strategic level, technical level and management level

strategic level

from the strategic level, it planning involves the following aspects:

* clarify the company's overall strategic objectives,

* clarify the company's competitive environment

* formulate practical it strategies under the guidance of the company's overall strategy and according to the company's own current situation, capabilities and requirements of the competitive environment, Including: clarifying the connotation of it and the role of it in the company's overall strategy

technical level

from the technical level, it planning involves:

* assessing the current situation of the company's IT capabilities, including the existing IT infrastructure and personnel capabilities

* evaluate the company's IT technology architecture; Platform, network, application software, process, data and architecture

* evaluate the company's future demand for it capability according to the company's future development strategy

* determine it capability gap and it development capability development blueprint

management level

from the operational level, it planning involves:

* IT management organization setting, CAS information reporting system, post setting, skill classification and corresponding performance evaluation index system

* IT management and control mode: such as: relevant IT systems, standards and specifications, it investment decision-making procedures, risk management, security management and project management

* it change management and training

the above list is only the major aspects involved in it planning. It is mainly used to explain that the IT strategic planning should involve all aspects of the treatment and recycling of waste plastics in recent years: strategy, technology, process and human resource management. In addition, practical IT implementation experience and in-depth understanding of industry knowledge are essential to develop a practical it plan. Generally speaking, we can think that only a technically forward-looking and practical plan that is closely coordinated with the company's business strategy is a good it plan. (end)

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