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Analysis of investment opportunities in the industrial chain from the three aspects of the strengthening of lithium batteries with hydrogen fuel rods

recently, the theme of new energy has become a major investment theme in the market, and the Tg of lithium, graphene, ethanol fuel and other related plates has risen sharply from 60 ℃ to 65 ℃. Yesterday, the wind vane in the theme turned to the hydrogen fuel standard. Among them, snowman shares realized the daily limit, and Jiangsu Sunshine (6.56%), Huachang Chemical (5.60%) and other stocks also increased by more than 5%

in terms of capital flow, according to the statistics of flush data, the market research center of securities found that the net inflow of large single capital of snowman shares was the highest yesterday, reaching 150.0462 million yuan. In addition, the individual stocks with a net inflow of large single capital exceeding 10 million yuan also included: Jiangsu Sunshine (87.6264 million yuan), SAIC Group (82.2094 million yuan), Fosun Pharmaceutical (50.9021 million yuan), Huachang Chemical (29.7097 million yuan), Zhongju hi tech (12.4138 million yuan), etc

it is worth mentioning that hydrogen fuel cell is currently recognized as the cleanest energy in the automotive industry, and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are also called the ultimate version of "green vehicles" in the industry

in recent years, Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Mercedes Benz and other car companies have launched mass-produced hydrogen fuel passenger Zhiren. In 2010, the company successfully developed mirror aluminum coil car models with a reflective rate of 90.5%, and actively laid out base 4 The buffer oil return condition is poor, and the infrastructure has been officially put into use in China's first fully commercialized hydrogenation station this month. In fact, the development of hydrogen fuel cells in China has been supported by policies. In the 13th five year plan for the development of national strategic emerging industries issued by the State Council in december2016, it was proposed to promote the development of on-board hydrogen storage systems and hydrogen preparation, storage, transportation and refueling technologies, and promote the construction of hydrogen refueling stations

in this regard, analysts said that in the long run, under the general trend of energy conservation and environmental protection, hydrogen fuel cells are expected to continue to receive policy support and become a hot area for capital to pursue. In the short term, the recent rapid rotation of various subdivisions of new energy power battery makes the attention of hydrogen fuel cell related concept stocks continue to rise, and the relatively low increase in the early stage may make the plate more trading opportunities in the short term

for related listed companies in the industry, analysts said that according to the position of the industrial chain, they can be divided into three categories: upstream, mainly including the production and transportation of hydrogen resources, and related concept stocks mainly include Houpu shares, Dewei new materials, Huachang Chemical, Tengda construction, Zhongtai shares, etc; In the midstream, the fuel cell system is mainly composed of electric stacks and hydrogen storage equipment and accessories. The relevant stocks mainly include: snowman, Furui tezhuang, SAIC, Dayang electric, Nandu power, Dewei new materials, Guiyan platinum, xiong'an identity recognition Co., Ltd., capital stock, etc; The downstream is mainly the application sector, including hydrogenation station, new energy vehicle application, etc., and Furui tezhuang, SAIC, Tengda construction, etc

through combing, it is found that the investment opportunities of relevant listed companies in the midstream of the industrial chain are generally favored by institutions. The snowman shares, which led the capital inflow and realized the daily limit yesterday, are mainly located in the midstream of the hydrogen fuel cell industrial chain. Great Wall Securities gave a "highly recommended" rating for this share. The broker said that the company relies on the core technology of air compression system and the first mover advantage, It has established a strategic cooperation relationship with Xinyuan power, a leading domestic fuel cell enterprise, and launched joint research and development of fuel cell stack projects with a number of domestic colleges and universities, realizing the company's industrial extension in the field of hydrogen energy, fuel cells and other new energy. It is expected that relevant products will continue to bring performance and open new growth space for the company

in addition to the snowman shares, in the past 30 days, the individual stocks that have been distributed in the midstream of the hydrogen fuel cell industry chain, including SAIC Group, Nandu power supply, Dayang Electric Co., Ltd. and Furui tezhuang, have also received "buy" investment ratings from three or more institutions, and the future trend is worth looking forward to

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