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The three indicators of the new packaging law will affect the future drug packaging reform.

after setting the standards for water pollution discharge and toxic discharge in the pharmaceutical industry, another restricted packaging standard aimed at reducing the weight of commodities including drug packaging is also in preparation.

recently, the AQSIQ held a legislative hearing on the regulations on restricting excessive packaging of commodities (Draft) (hereinafter referred to as the regulations), including enterprises, industry associations Representatives from all walks of life, including consumers, put forward their own views on issues such as packaging void ratio, number of packaging layers, packaging cost and laws, and set up fire separation belts and suggestions according to the situation

insiders pointed out that if the regulations are implemented, some drug packaging and most si1.77 health care product packaging may suffer from forced downsizing in the future

In recent years, the problem of excessive packaging of goods in China has become increasingly prominent, which not only wastes resources, intensifies environmental pollution, but also damages the interests of consumers. All sectors of the society have a strong response and criticism. According to the investigation of the Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council, among the 200million tons of domestic waste produced each year in China, 40million tons are packaging materials, many of which belong to excessive packaging, and 280billion yuan of packaging waste is thrown away in vain every year. Plus the waste treatment fee, it is not a small expenditure. The state urgently needs to issue relevant laws and regulations to get rid of the current situation, actively guide production enterprises to save resources, severely punish excessive packaging, standardize the packaging industry and protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. Liuzhaobin, director of the regulation department of the AQSIQ, said

it is understood that the European Union, the United States, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, China have regulations and standards to restrict excessive packaging. However, at present, there are no laws and regulations specifically restricting excessive packaging in China. Only one principle provision in paragraph 2 of Article 20 of the cleaner production promotion law stipulates that enterprises should reasonably package their products to reduce the excessive use of packaging materials and the generation of packaging waste. At the same time, the circular economy law (Draft) makes principled provisions on reducing resource consumption and facilitating recycling, and there is no very detailed explanation on the specific matter of excessive packaging

as the first true technical regulation in China, the regulations are mainly based on the existing mandatory national standards. The regulations (Draft) consists of 7 chapters and 44 articles, focusing on material saving and rights protection. The core lies in one degree, so that businesses can better define what is excessive. Liuzhaobin frankly said that the difficulty in drafting the regulations (Draft) lies in the degree. How to define the excessive packaging of different commodities and how to implement several numerical indicators needs to continuously improve the relevant mandatory national standards to provide technical basis

it is learned that the regulations (Draft) currently has three hard standards for defining whether the drug packaging is excessive: first, the void ratio of commodity packaging shall not be greater than 55%; Second, except for the initial packaging, the number of layers of commodity packaging shall not be more than 3; Third, in addition to the initial packaging cost, the commodity packaging cost shall not exceed 15% of the commodity sales price

the insiders generally reflect that the three rigid standards may be the main incentive to affect the future drug packaging reform

yangyuexiang, the main drafter of the standard, said that the reason why the three limit values of void ratio, number of layers and cost are set for commodity packaging is that on the one hand, China's actual conditions are taken into account, and on the other hand, relevant laws and regulations of other countries restricting excessive packaging are also referred to. The main problems of excessive packaging in China are luxury packaging and excessive packaging, so these three indicators can play a better role in limiting

in view of whether the specific parameters of the three indicators are too strict, Yang Yuexiang pointed out that the three parameters have taken the highest value in the national standards, but many people do not understand the high value of the phenomenon of "very trapped oil". It should be said that normal gift packaging can meet this condition, not to mention the general commodity packaging for daily use. He pointed out that we have held several expert demonstration meetings, and it is generally believed that the three technical indicators, that is, the three degrees, are in line with China's reality and international practice

zhenghaotao, general manager of Guangdong Jinkang pharmacy, said that it may not be difficult for the drug packaging to implement the three indicators at present, but some small packaged drugs may exceed the requirement that the cost is greater than 15% of the selling price, but they can also be under the standard if the manufacturer controls them well. Zhenghaotao believes that the impact of restricting the excessive packaging of commodities on drug packaging is far less than the widespread health care products with large packaging and less content, which pay attention to both the price and the whole

It is reported that at the hearing, some representatives suggested that the grade and type of commodities should be fully considered in the regulations (Draft), and not one size fits all. Panghaichao, the manager of the packaging and procurement department of Beijing Tongrentang Health Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., who attended the hearing, expressed concern about how to implement the three indicators in the regulations (Draft): some drugs only have two small tablets. If it is stipulated that the packaging void ratio should not be greater than 55%, how to package these drugs in the future? In addition, the very precious wild mountain ginseng is generally only 3 ~ 5g, but the roots, whiskers and stems are very scattered, and the porosity of packaging is required to be large, so it is difficult to be no more than 55%

it is understood that the regulations (Draft) does not stipulate a time limit for rectification of violations of the regulations on the void ratio and number of layers of drug packaging, and the punishment only stipulates that the relevant quality inspection departments can impose a fine of less than 50000 yuan for violations, with an upper limit and no lower limit. There is a sense that the machine is a pendulum impact testing machine. For this reason, it was suggested that the relevant parameters for restricting the excessive packaging of commodities should be formulated according to different types of products, such as food, drugs, cosmetics, dangerous goods, ordinary commodities, etc., which have different functional needs, and the void ratio and number of layers cannot be unified

in addition, the insiders pointed out that at present, there is no professional to test the void ratio and the percentage of packaging cost in the sales price of commodities. The cost of commodities is a secret of many businesses, and some packaging enterprises are unwilling to disclose the packaging cost price. Therefore, it is difficult to determine whether the packaging cost of commodities exceeds 15% of the sales price of commodities except the initial packaging cost. The bill also does not specify the sales price in which the cost of commodity packaging shall not exceed 15% of the sales price of commodities. Zhenghaotao pointed out that it is necessary to clarify the commodity sales price in the regulations (Draft): if this price is the ex factory price, a few drug packages may exceed the standard. However, if it is a retail price, the manufacturer may set the price in consideration of the packaging standard, so there is no problem of exceeding the standard

some experts emphasized that the purpose of commodity packaging is to protect and beautify commodities and increase the market competitiveness of commodities. However, excessive packaging wastes resources, intensifies environmental pollution, and also damages the interests of consumers, contributing to the unhealthy trend of luxury waste and abnormal consumption, which is contrary to the ideas of advocating an economical society, circular economy, and supporting environmental protection

yangyuexiang also said: since it is necessary for enterprises to provide relevant data to calculate the packaging cost, these operations may be difficult at present. Therefore, this item is listed as a recommended item in the national standard. He disclosed that the revised regulations on restricting excessive packaging of commodities should improve the operability of this provision. (wanghaiyang)

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