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To ensure safe food, we must pay attention to three links

human health and safety is a common topic in the world today

to ensure human health, one of the most important things is that the food we eat every day must be hygienic and safe. A few years ago, the state implemented the "reassuring food project" and recently established the "food safety committee", which is still focusing on the nationwide inspection. However, most of the time, these plastic parts on the car have the problems of food hygiene and safety quality and the amount of residual solvent in food packaging bags in the name of composite materials. The media have exposed many inferior food and packaging bags with excessive residual solvent for many times

according to statistics, the hygiene and safety qualification rate of food packaging bags in China is less than 60%. This problem, which seriously threatens the health of the people, will become the master of medical miniaturization technology;, It has not only caused consumers' anxiety and panic, but also aroused the high attention of relevant departments. Functional departments and law enforcement departments have increased strict supervision and tried their best to ensure that people can eat "safe food"

to ensure "safe food", we must pay attention to the following three links:

(1) the raw and auxiliary ball screw materials must be hygienic, safe and safe. The root food, vegetables, fruits, oil plants and other crops planted by us shall be shut down at the same time. We shall not misuse or abuse pesticides and fertilizers; The cultivated chickens, ducks, fish and shrimps should not misuse or abuse growth hormones and antibiotics. The residues of harmful substances in all raw and auxiliary materials must meet the health and safety standards. Only by grasping the hygiene and safety of this food source can we have the final "reassuring food"

(2) the processing process must be hygienic, safe and assured. Food production enterprises need to comply with the food hygiene law of the people's Republic of China and obtain the food hygiene license. In the production and processing process, do not misuse or abuse preservatives, antioxidants, sweeteners, pigments, essence, spices and other auxiliary materials. The production environment must be clean and hygienic and the health of operators must be guaranteed. Only in this way can the hygiene, safety and security of the final food be ensured

(3) food packaging materials must be hygienic, safe and reassuring. II. Packaging materials are the last line of defense to ensure food hygiene and safety. Only when the processed food is in the hands of consumers can it be a hygienic and safe "safe food". Otherwise, the best food will become unsanitary and unsafe, and there will be no "safe food". Therefore, the "reassuring food project" should pay close attention to the above three closely linked and mutually causal links. The packaging material manufacturers should provide the food industry with hygienic, safe and reliable packaging materials; Relevant enterprises that provide raw and auxiliary materials to packaging material manufacturers, especially ink and adhesive enterprises, must also provide various relevant materials that meet the requirements of food packaging and are hygienic and safe. This is our society, our conscience and our ultimate goal

however, at present, the health and safety problems of packaging materials detected by the regulatory authorities and exposed by the media only involve the problem that the benzene residual solvents in the packaging bags that can be smelled and smelled by ordinary people exceed the standard. However, many projects, such as carcinogens and heavy metals, which can not be seen, smelled or smelled but also have harmful effects on human health, have not been paid attention to, which is a deficiency. It is well known that residual benzene solvents in packaging bags are harmful to human health and are very serious. Since the mid-1970s, it has opposed the use of benzene solvent adhesives to manufacture food composite packaging materials. The one component pressure-sensitive adhesive provided at that time was a benzene free adhesive made of butyl rubber as the base material and ethyl acetate, petroleum ether and solvent gasoline with low boiling point as the solvent. By the mid-1980s, alcohol soluble polyamide resin was developed, and then it was used to make alcohol soluble plastic printing ink instead of benzene soluble ink. At the same time, the two-component polyurethane adhesive developed only used a single ethyl acetate as the solvent, without the cheap toluene/toluene solvent. Not only that, but also the compound polyurethane adhesive with the best release property is produced and sold

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