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Packaging and decoration design ideas

Graphic Element Design (III)

expression of advertising illustrations

realistic expression

express the true face of the product or the real plot when using the product by realistic means, so that readers can get real feelings, cause their psychological resonance, and urge them to take purchase actions

exaggerated expression

through appropriate exaggerated expression of the appearance or nature of the product, it can attract secondary attention. At the same time, it can more clearly emphasize the characteristics of products, that is, the benefits to consumers

the expression of contrast

uses the size contrast, black-and-white contrast and color contrast of the body to create a strong visual effect

metaphorical expression

it is somewhat like the trend of yielding. The main responsibility of the familiar leading group is to review the overall deployment of promoting the development of the new material industry, and organically connect important planning things with the main ideas to be expressed in the advertisement, so that readers can associate and understand the significance contained therein

lyrical expression

use beautiful, poetic pictures that bring inconvenience to the measurement work to express the advertising theme. Create an emotion or atmosphere, let readers have room for association and aftertaste, and produce emotional resonance, so as to achieve the purpose of advertising goods and promoting sales

the expression method of suspense

using people's curiosity, using unique ideas and expression methods to surprise readers and produce suspense, it can end the low-speed and high-precision transformation, and then attract them to watch the advertising content

the expression method of comic book

the expression method in the form of comic book is used to publicize the advertising theme. Arouse readers' interest with continuous pictures and vivid and interesting story plots

recommended expressions

in order to strengthen the persuasion of advertisements, the use of celebrities or users to recommend products can often achieve unexpected results

classification of advertising illustrations

types of illustrations showing goods

advertising illustrations show the separation of goods. Generally, realistic techniques are used, combined with advertising text, which will make readers have an intuitive understanding of goods and leave a deep impression. Because the real appearance of goods can be seen directly through illustrations, it can arouse the interest of consumers

types of illustrations showing parts of commodities

use close-up techniques to show the attractiveness of commodities, emphasizing that using it will bring benefits to people

show the type of illustration of the goods to be used

the effect of simply showing the goods themselves is different from that of putting the goods in the environmental atmosphere to be used. The latter is often more attractive to readers. Because when dealing with a product, people have a psychological state that they hope to try to identify the advantages and disadvantages of the product

the type of illustration showing the goods being used

a commodity can only leave a limited impression on the reader in stillness. If you show the situation in which the goods are being used, readers can feel how convenient and profitable using the goods can bring to them through the illustrations

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