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The packaged drinking water market continues to be in chaos, and the setting of national standards is poised to be unified

[China Packaging News] recently, consumers have increased their awareness of drinking water safety, and have gradually paid attention to the development of the packaged drinking water market. Although it continues to be in chaos, it is true that in the troubled times, Britain came into being, which lays a certain foundation for the implementation and unification of automatic detection water standards for packaged drinks in the future

every summer is the peak period of packaged drinking water consumption. However, according to the survey, at present, the packaged drinking water sold in the market has a wide variety of names, new concepts appear frequently, and all kinds of drinking water are dazzling, which makes consumers confused when purchasing

I visited many supermarkets in the new area and found that the shelves of drinking water were full of bottled water of various brands. Among them, purified water, natural mineral water, oxygen enriched water, weakly alkaline drinking water and other packaged water products have a wide variety of names, and the product prices are also very different. Taking 500ml drinking water as an example, the price of purified water and mineral water is mostly about 1 yuan, while the price of high-end mineral water ranges from 4 yuan to more than 10 yuan. It is noted that natural mineral water products that boast natural deep mineral springs in Changbai Mountain, alpine glaciers and other water sources are generally expensive, accounting for almost half of the high priced aquatic products. In addition to some mineral water products making a big fuss about water sources, some bottled drinking water also claims to have the effects of oxygen enrichment and weak alkalinity. For the hype about the concept of drinking water such as oxygen enriched water and snow mountain water, most consumers press the "down tight" button on the control box, saying that they are seeing flowers in the fog, and they can't tell the difference between these drinking water. When buying drinking water products, you just pay attention to the price and other information, and don't care about the specific ingredients. Mr. Li, a citizen shopping in a large supermarket in the new area, said that at present, there are too many bottled water products sold in supermarkets, so it is difficult to distinguish between products. Most of them buy familiar brands according to habits. Insiders said that the current standard of packaged drinking water is too chaotic. The national health and Family Planning Commission recently issued the draft of the national standard for packaged drinking water, which unified the standards for all packaged drinking water except natural mineral water. Once the standard is officially released and implemented, the current packaging water market will face a reshuffle, and the chaos of product standards and various names may be changed. At the same time, it can provide a basis for production, supervision, consumer purchase and the adoption of servo electromechanical rights protection for universal servo experimental machines, and the whole industry will enter a new environment of standardized operation

China Packaging believes that the continuous chaos of packaged drinking water standards has seriously affected consumers' consumption of drinking water, which is a loophole in the supervision of packaged drinking water. This phenomenon must be comprehensively improved, and a series of standards and specifications must be formulated to respond to various problems encountered in the sales process to stop this scene

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