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Pacific Telecom won the 2020 CEIA "excellent data center service provider of the year" award

on January 11, the 2020 CEIA China enterprise it award was officially announced, and Pacific Telecom won the 2020 CEIA annual excellent data center Service Provider Award. Pacific Telecom has rich experience in data center services, and has been constantly expanding the scope of data center services for many years. It has been able to provide high-level neutral data center services in many key regions and cities, which shows its emphasis on data center business and its strength in providing data center services to customers. Especially in 2020, when the novel coronavirus epidemic spread, Pacific Telecom provided strong support for hard hit enterprise users to carry out digital transformation in difficult times

2020 CEIA China enterprise it award is organized and selected by d1net, a professional media enterprise in the domestic government enterprise market. Its predecessor is CCCA China Cloud Computing award and cena China enterprise network communication award. It has been successfully held for many times so far. It has a good reputation and persuasion in the government enterprise market, and has always been one of the authoritative references for the selection of government enterprise IT information managers. After the first round of voting by tens of thousands of readers and the second round of strict screening by the grand prize jury composed of 150 industry CIOs/information executives, the award is more professional, objective and authoritative

through self operation and cooperative operation, Pacific Telecom provides high-level neutral data center services in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, (1) according to the technical requirements of spring, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Chongqing and other cities. At the same time, these data centers are also the core network nodes of Pacific Telecom. While providing data center services for customers, they also provide customers with high-quality network services, including specific services:

● from single cabinet rental to on-demand customized services of the whole module

● comprehensive services such as network and computer room environmental planning and design, computer room and network implementation, security operation and maintenance

● for customers of cloud computing or high-density computing, a flexible 980.7 reliable hosting scheme can be formulated according to the power demand

the highly reliable infrastructure environment of Pacific Telecom and the full life cycle management process complying with international ITIL standards can greatly improve the system stability of customers

four advantages of Pacific Telecom Data Center Services

value added services: reliable operation and maintenance is the core to achieve high availability in a high-level infrastructure environment. The operation and maintenance engineers of Pacific Telecom strictly follow international standards and specifications and refer to ITIL best practices, and put safety and availability in the most important position. For hosting and networking services, Pacific Telecom provides rich solutions to relieve customers' concerns about availability

operation and maintenance team: Pacific Telecom has a professional on-site operation and maintenance team to provide customers with remote support services, help customers with equipment collection, equipment on and off shelves, system monitoring, system installation and deployment, virtual machine management, etc., and reduce the time and times of customers' on-site maintenance

one stop ICT Service: Pacific Telecom has established 59 pop points in 39 first and second tier cities across the country. The interconnection between data centers makes the cluster effect appear. With high-level data center services and extensive coverage of ipvpn, Pacific Telecom can provide customers with one-stop ICT services connecting the data center and the customer office

deep cooperation with service providers: as an ISP with many years of operation experience in China, Pacific Telecom has established deep cooperation with service providers such as China Telecom, China Unicom, China Mobile, etc. With these experiences and cooperative relationships, Pacific Telecom Tianjin data center has five-line BGP Internet bandwidth to provide customers with five-star internet dedicated line access services

with the strength of providing data center services in six key areas and the four Bayer materials of its data center services, it also has the great advantage of building new environmentally friendly polymer products for the cosmetics industry as a material technology to replace ABS in many fields. Pacific Telecom's data center services provide a strong backing for the continuous and stable operation of customer business and are widely praised by customers. Therefore, Pacific Telecom deserves the annual outstanding data center Service Provider Award

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