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Packaged water sales are hot, and the sampling inspection of Guiyang food safety office is in good condition

Guide: entering the summer, all kinds of packaged drinking water sales are hot. The provincial Food Safety Office recently organized health and other departments to conduct a sampling inspection of bottled water, barreled water and other packaged drinking water that do not cause allergies, and announced the sampling results yesterday: the overall qualified rate is 98.4%

according to the introduction, the provincial Food Safety Office recently organized relevant main factors to consider: the environmental conditions of the hydraulic system, working conditions, the performance of the working fluid, economy, protection and maintenance, and other selection principles. The Department set up monitoring points in Suzhou, Changzhou, Zhenjiang, Taizhou, Yangzhou, Xuzhou, and sampled 61 samples of packaged drinking water from 35 water production enterprises and 25 brands, including the appearance of the water, the number of microorganisms A total of 1398 data were obtained, and the overall qualified rate was 98.4%. Among them, Pseudomonas aeruginosa of one brand of packaged drinking water was found to exceed the standard. The bacterium widely exists in the air, water, soil, human skin, respiratory tract, etc., which is not harmful to normal healthy people, but may affect the elderly and the weak. At present, the brand of water has been renovated. Zhouminghao, director of the provincial CDC, introduced

after entering the supermarket, consumers often struggle about what kind of water to buy, because in addition to mineral water, there are activated water, ionic water, etc. on the shelf. These various kinds of water are fried concepts, most of which have no function, let alone nutrition. According to the new national standard of the national food safety standard packaging drinking water, these hype concepts will be banned in the future. Zhen Shiqi, an expert from the provincial CDC, said that for normal healthy people, a good drink is boiled water

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