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Packaging: add luster to the beauty industry

no matter which industry, the leading brands must have their distinctive color characteristics. The influence of packaging has been valued by all walks of life, and the color used in packaging is particularly important. Coca Cola takes the red route, Pepsi takes the blue route; McDonald's aims at yellow, KFC favors red; Kodak in yellow and Fuji in green... In the most intuitive experience of many brands, color has become the easiest first impression to distinguish

from a commercial point of view, clever use of color is a shortcut for new brands to quickly gain brand awareness. Consumer psychology believes that it takes a certain period for consumers to accept things from cognition to acceptance to purchase, but the most important first step is to be easily recognized. Especially in modern marketing, if a new brand lacks a distinctive image, it is obviously unable to stand out from the mass of information and gain the first chance to win. Like the famous Chinese fast food chain "blue and white" in Guangzhou, the wall of the store is decorated with small square tiles in blue and white, which is not only eye-catching, but also echoes the name of the store, especially catchy and easy to remember

the beauty industry is closely related to chromatics. Both are included in the category of aesthetics. Beauty products with beautiful and beautiful colors on the packaging are not only visually easier to win the favor of consumers, but also contain a layer of psychological implication: the aesthetic consciousness of beauty enterprises can be reflected from the packaging color. No matter what kind of "coat" the enterprise puts on the products, if the packaging color is not used well, the enterprise must lack aesthetic consciousness, Can beauty products produced by enterprises that lack beauty really make people beautiful

the color application of beauty products packaging is also reflected in the positioning of products. A few years ago, the "little nurse" who sold well liked to use white in both packaging and advertising design, because the name of the product "little nurse" gave people the feeling that it was white. At the same time, the little nurse was facing young boys and girls. White could better express their simple and pure group wall process, which must be standardized. In the TV advertisements of little nurses in different periods, the spokesperson Eastman recommended Vectran, all wearing white clothes and skirts, floating in the wind, and the sense of permeability and purity of the product came naturally. In recent years, Dr. Bai, who focuses on the whitening market, also focuses on white in product packaging, highlighting its market positioning of "whitening". In Dr. Bai's high-end products, gold will be added to the package to show the noble image of the product. Because the crowd Dr. Bai faces is mainly mature women over the age of 20, gold is more in line with the mature temperament of the product. Some of Dr. Bai's products will also be packaged with small areas of green and richer colors, while expressing the health concept of "natural and environmental protection"

the use of color can also rejuvenate the product. A hairdressing chain enterprise has always been positioned to meet the needs of young female consumers, but in the course of many years of operation, it has been found that there is no significant difference in the proportion of men and women who come to the store for consumption, with male consumers reaching 40%. After research, it is found that the company's image strategy tends to be neutral, using the traditional combination of black and white, which fails to highlight women's colors, resulting in consumers' vague understanding of the brand image and failure to highlight positioning. After adjustment and improvement, the image identification system of the hairdressing agency adopted more feminine colors as the store image. Less than two months after the launch of the new image, it was found that female consumers increased significantly, which was more in line with the brand positioning

brands are alive. Every brand that has been issued with the special plan for scientific and technological innovation in the field of materials during the 13th five year plan should have its fresh personality. Skillfully using color to market and position brands or commodities is conducive to the rapid popularity of emerging brands and the revitalization of old brands. The beauty industry, which is closely related to color aesthetics, should fully recognize the role of color marketing in order to promote its own enterprises to move forward better. (Zhou Xiliu)

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