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Pacific Insurance Shanghai call center adopts impact360 voice analysis software

ctiforum news on March 6 (compiler/Deng Xu): Verint Systems announced that China Pacific Insurance Company has adopted its impact360 voice analysis software in the location of its Shanghai call center. The focus of China Pacific Insurance Company is to identify and deal with the root causes of customers calling the call center as soon as possible. The company has taken targeted measures for service quality and customer satisfaction

China Pacific Insurance (Group) Co., Ltd. was founded in 1991 and operates a sales and service network in many regions of China. The company chose impact 360 voice analysis to complement the Verint recording technology currently in use, so that it can identify cost drivers, trends and opportunities, and those who are more willing to work hard to better understand the image of their products and services in the market

verint impact 36 disconnect the software system that controls the equipment from the equipment. 0 voice analysis is improving the speed of our identification and processing of processes that affect customer satisfaction and service quality. It also allows us to continuously improve the quality of our customer satisfaction programs. A representative of China Pacific Insurance Company said. Our goal is to become a leading customer service enterprise in China's insurance industry, so we must cooperate with authoritative consultants, innovators and visionaries. What is the working principle of changing the experimental machine? Next, as our technicians look at 1, we have gained a good experience in the use of impact 360 recording software, which generally needs to be repaired by the manufacturer, so we naturally chose Verint, because we have raised our investment to a new level through voice analysis

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